The Avs Take Game 1 of Round 2 Against the Dallas Stars
The Avs Take Game 1 of Round 2 Against the Dallas StarsAPNews

Bet365 Promo Code Boosts Excitement for Colorado Avalanche Game 2

Get in the action using the Bet365 bonus code when the Colorado Avalanche take on the Dallas Stars on Tuesday night. You'll walk away a winner no matter what.

The Colorado Avalanche are turning heads once again in the NHL playoffs after dominating the Jets and doing the same with a dramatic comeback win in Game 1 against the Dallas Stars. While that's certainly exciting for fans in the Centennial State, there's more excitement when you use the latest Bet365 bonus code and place a few bets on game 2.

Bet365's latest promo code, 365BV1, unlocks a choice between a lucrative $150 bonus for a $5 bet or a safety net of up to $1,000 for your first wager, making Game 2 even more exciting than before.

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A Promo We Can't Ignore

Why are Avalanche fans getting pumped up about this bonus?

Simply put, it takes the viewing experience to the next level. Betting on the Avs can make every goal, save, and penalty more exhilarating than the last, and with Bet365's offer, the stakes are sweetened as the fans have the chance to win big.

New users get the chance to engage with house money for a mere $5 bet, turning into $150 in bet credits. Sure, these bonus bet credits might exclude returns and come with time limitations, but they represent a great opportunity to get deeper into NHL playoff action.

Leveraging the Bonus in Game 2

The upcoming Game 2 tonight offers tons of betting opportunities for those looking to use their Bet365 bonus.

  • Play the moneyline. One of the easiest bets to make for beginners is a simple moneyline bet. Bet365 currently has the Avs as the underdog with a +115, which means if you make that $5 bet on the Avalanche to win straight up, you'll turn it into $15.75. Plus, you'll get the $150 in bet credits. Not a bad deal.

  • Puckline for a bigger payout. Want a bit more of a challenge? Think the Avs will lose by less than two goals or win? Bet365 has the puckline set to the Avalanche at +1 ½ goals. That means to win the $5 bet, the Avalanche don't necessarily need to win, but they can't lose by more than 1 point.

  • Over/Under play. This is where your betting gets interesting. Bet365 has the over/under for the Avs vs Stars game set at 6 ½. That means you can bet that the total combined score will be either 7 or more or 6 or less. Your choice. With how these teams have played lately, we think it might be over the 6.5 goals.

There is also a myriad of other ways to place bets using the Bet365 bonus offer, such as parlays, prop bets, futures, and more. It's fun to dig around and see what kind of bets you can place based on your risk tolerance and comfort level.

Is Game 1 A Template for Success for the Avalanche?

Although the Avalanche barely squeeked by the Stars in game one, the way they played might be the secret recipe to take Dallas out for good. 

After a shaky start, the Avalanche overturned a 3-0 deficit, highlighted by a game-winning overtime goal from Miles Wood with assists from Andrew Cogliano and Samuel Girard.

This marked their first three-goal playoff comeback win since 1997, which, if you live in Colorado, you were probably biting your nails the entire game.

Despite this, key players showed up when needed — Cale Makar contributed a goal and two assists, and Nathan MacKinnon tied the game early in the third period to put nerves to rest.

These performances could guide your betting strategy; for instance, betting on these players to score or on the Avalanche to overcome a deficit could be fairly rewarding if you make the right bet. With $150 in bonus bets, you can afford to take a chance or two.

Current Series Status and Predictions

The Avalanche have shown they can break down the Stars' defenses, especially notable given the Stars' fatigue from a grueling seven-game series against Vegas.

The Avs scored 28 goals in their five games against Winnipeg in the previous round, showing they have no trouble finding the back of the net.

So, what are our predictions for Game 2?

If the Avalanche maintain their aggressive play as they did in the 3rd period and capitalize on power plays as effectively as in Game 1, they're a good bet to take a commanding 2-0 series lead. Dallas does, however, have the home-ice advantage, which could play a role, although Colorado beat them in Dallas in Game 1.

Maximize Your Strategy with the Bet365 Bonus

When placing bets using the Bet365 bonus, it's always a good idea to think about the current form of key players and the team's overall momentum.

Betting on individual player performance or specific game events, like the first goal or final score, offers a fun way to use your bonus bets effectively, especially if you know one of the players is hot.

With Bet365, all you have to do is place a simple $5 bet and you're going to win no matter what as they're giving you $150 in bonus bets. So, you don't have to be too picky with your bets.

Of course, you can always opt to take the other option which is the safety net of up to $1,000 on your first bet. That means if you want to place a bet up to $1,000 on the game and your bet loses, Bet365 will cover you with bonus bets. Just because the Avs lose, doesn't mean you'll lose.

Remember, although the bet credits are not included in returns, they provide a nice cushion for you to explore various betting betting types without dipping further into your pocket.

Why This Game Matters 

For Avalanche fans, Game 2 is a chance to solidify their team's position and take one step closer to another Stanley Cup win. With Bet365's promo code (365BV1), fans have the chance to enhance their engagement with the game, which is always a nice touch. Whether you're a seasoned sports bettor or new to the game, this promotion is designed to boost your Game 2 experience, making every play on the ice even more gripping, as if Game 1 wasn't enough.

So, as we gear up for another exhilarating matchup on Thursday night, think about how this bonus can not only increase your enjoyment of the game but also offer a potential boost to your wallet.

Game 2 could be another historic night for the Avalanche as they take on Dallas — don't miss the chance to be part of it with a little help from Bet365.

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