Why contact us? We can think of a million reasons why - here's who and how to contact for what:

1. You want to write for us! That's easy - you should speak to Howard Gensler - our CEO and Managing Editor. He can be reached at or on Twitter @DNTattle.

2. You want to partner with us! That's also easy - you should speak with Ben Turk Tolub - our CTO - he's in charge of technology, design and partnerships. You can reach him at or on Twitter @bstt.

3. You want to argue about our stats and picks? Take it up with Bob Vetrone - our Director of Data. You can reach him at or on Twitter @BoopStats.

4. You want your casino show or restaurant previewed or reviewed or have a star coming in who’s up for an interview? You definitely want to speak to Chuck Darrow - our Entertainment editor. He can be reached at or on twitter @chuckdarrow.

5. You want to invest in our company? Fantastic! Please reach out to ... well, any or all of the people listed above. 

If you're old school and want to snail mail us something, you can send it to:

Bettors Insider, Inc. 
c/o Howard Gensler
1 Franklintown Blvd., Apartment 918
Philadelphia, PA 19103



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