Who Will Win the Stanley Cup in 2024? We've Got the Inside Info!

Who Will Win the Stanley Cup in 2024? We've Got the Inside Info!

There are only 8 teams remaining but 1 will come out victorious. Here's our bold prediction for who will win the Stanley Cup for the 2023-2024 NHL season.

The race for the Stanley Cup in 2024 is shaping up to be one of the best races for the cup in years. With standout teams from both the Eastern and Western Conferences vying for hockey's most coveted trophy, we’re seeing some of the best hockey in the world.

Despite the best of the best duking it out, we still have a few thoughts and bold predictions on who will come out on top. With only eight teams remaining, one of them has to take it all.

Current Contenders in the Race

As we mentioned, there are eight contenders still in the hunt for Lord Stanley’s Cup. All of these teams have worked hard to get where they are. Hence, we’re witnessing some truly amazing action on the ice.

Stanley Cup Playoff Picture in Round 2 of the 2023-2024 NHL Playoffs
Stanley Cup Playoff Picture in Round 2 of the 2023-2024 NHL Playoffs

Eastern Conference Showdowns

In the Eastern Conference, the spotlight is focused on the matchups that have set the stage for an unforgettable playoff run. The Carolina Hurricanes face a challenging road ahead after dropping Games 1 and 2 to the powerhouse New York Rangers. The Rangers, riding high with 112 points from the regular season, have continued to demonstrate their dominance through each and every game.

Their powerful gameplay in the series opener and their resilience of taking game 2 in a 2OT win is a testament to their preparedness for the pressures of playoff hockey.

Meanwhile, the Boston Bruins have started their series against the Florida Panthers with a decisive 5-1 victory. Of course, we’ve come to expect this from a team with a rich NHL playoff history, such as the Bruins. While Florida came into the playoffs with an impressive 52-24-6 record, we think Boston has what it takes to knock them out.

This strong performance is spearheaded by the incredible skills of David Pastrnak, who has already played a pivotal role in the Bruins advancing from the first round, and it seems he’s sticking to the script.

The Bruins are showing that they are not just participants but serious contenders for the Stanley Cup. The Panthers, on the other hand, look more like mere participants. If they turn it on, however, they could give Boston a run for their money.

Western Conference Showdowns

Over in the Western Conference, the drama unfolds with just about as much intensity, if not more.

The Dallas Stars, after an impressive regular season and taking the first seed in the Western Conference, are currently one game behind the Colorado Avalanche. Sure, the Stars lost game 1 to the Avs, but they stayed with it to the end, only to lose in overtime. This matchup is likely to be a roller-coaster ride right to the last game. The Avalanche may just have what it takes to knock out the big guys from the playoffs.

The Vancouver Canucks and Edmonton Oilers are just kicking off their series, promising another thrilling battle just like Dallas and Colorado.

Both teams have shown they can pump out high offensive power, which sets the stage for a series filled with strategy and explosive scoring. Both are the first and second seeds, respectfully, in the Pacific Division, so they’ve shown that there’s no shortage of skill out on the ice for this matchup. 

Key Performances to Watch

Several players have already made significant impacts in their respective series. We think these players will be the game-changers for their teams—

  • Igor Shesterkin (New York Rangers). Shesterkin has been exceptional in the net, providing a near-impenetrable defense for the Rangers. His performance, highlighted by his .932 save percentage against the ‘Canes so far, has been one of the biggest factors in leading his team through tough playoff games.

  • Artemi Panarin (New York Rangers). Known for his playmaking abilities, Panarin has continued to produce assists even when not scoring goals himself. He has 4 in the first two games against the Hurricanes. His ability to set up plays makes him a constant threat on the ice. We’re looking at a potential MVP with Panarin.

  • Jake Guentzel (Carolina Hurricanes). Guentzel has demonstrated he can score when it matters the most, contributing significantly to his team's offensive strength. His agility and knack for finding the back of the net at pivotal moments have been crucial for the ‘Canes making it this far into the playoff race. However, he’ll need some help if they’re going to make it past the Rangers.

  • Sebastian Aho (Carolina Hurricanes). Aho, another key player for the Hurricanes, mirrors Panarin's skills with smooth puck handling and quick passing. His leadership in points during the regular season and his escalated performance in high-stakes games make him a central figure to watch as the Hurricanes give everything they have to make it past the Rangers.

  • Connor McDavid (Edmonton Oilers). McDavid has been a driving force for the Oilers, consistently contributing through both goals and assists. His dynamic play and ability to influence the game in both offensive and defensive plays make him a standout leader and a player to watch. He's easily one of the best players remaining in the hunt for the Stanley Cup.

There are more players than these making standout performances, and we expect others to step up and surprise their fans as we weave through the remainder of the race.

Predictions for the Playoffs

Predicting the outcomes of the Stanley Cup playoffs is always a challenge, even with the best information at hand. Then, to make it even more difficult, the level of competition and the unpredictability of the games takes it to the next level. However, based on current performances and team dynamics, here are our bold predictions as we move through the NHL playoffs.

  • Eastern Conference. The New York Rangers could potentially go all the way to the finals if they maintain their current form and focus. Their combination of one of the best goalies in the league, offensive firepower, and seasoned postseason experience makes them the most difficult opponent. Boston will most likely demolish the Panthers, but the Rangers will make quick work of the Bruins.

  • Western Conference. The battle between the Dallas Stars and the Colorado Avalanche is tough to call, but the Avalanche might have a slight edge with their aggressive offense and depth in scoring options. If they can capitalize on their momentum and manage to contain the Stars' key players, they could advance and wipe out either Vancouver or Edmonton.

  • Stanley Cup Final Prediction. If the Avalanche and Rangers both advance, the final could be a classic East vs. West showdown, with the Rangers possibly lifting the Stanley Cup due to their offense and goaltending powerhouse combination. There’s a reason they won the President's Trophy.

While those are our predictions for the Stanley Cup, the sportsbook odds are still holding strong.  Here’s a current look at the odds for all teams in the hunt.

  • Edmonton Oilers: +450

  • New York Rangers: +550

  • Colorado Avalanche: +600

  • Florida Panthers: +650

  • Boston Bruins: +800

  • Dallas Stars: +900

  • Carolina Hurricanes: +1000

  • Vancouver Canucks: +2000

If you’re to go with our predictions and place bets with these odds, then you’ll surely walk away with a stack of cash.

The Road to the Cup Still Has Uncertainty

As the playoffs continue, fans and sports bettors can expect more thrilling games and dramatic finishes. The road to the Stanley Cup is paved with high stakes and intense emotions, making every match a must-watch event.

It doesn’t get much better than this and the teams that are currently in the second round deserve every bit to be in the hunt. However, we think the Rangers will still take it all in the end.

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