Analyzing the Odds for Dallas Stars vs. Colorado Avalanche in NHL Playoffs Round 2

Analyzing the Odds for Dallas Stars vs. Colorado Avalanche in NHL Playoffs Round 2

With the NHL Round 1 in the books, we're looking forward to Round 2 of the NHL Playoffs in a battle between the Avs and the Stars

The NHL playoffs are heating up, and the matchup between the Dallas Stars and the Colorado Avalanche is one that everyone seems to be watching. With the Stars coming off a nail-biting win against the Vegas Golden Knights in game 7 and the Avalanche setting up to be quite the challenge as they've had a few days of rest, the stakes couldn't be higher.

Here's a deeper look into the odds and potential outcomes as these two teams battle it out in Round 2 and beyond.

What the Odds Tell Us

  • Avalanche Odds to Win Game 1: +110

  • Stars Odds to Win Game 1:  -122

When it comes to sports betting, odds tell a story.

Currently, sportsbooks seem to have diverging views on the favorites for this matchup. According to FanDuel, the Avalanche are listed at +110, indicating they are slight underdogs for this matchup. This is odd, given that the Avs are showing they have a better chance at the NHL Stanley Cup, but more on that in a minute.

On the other hand, BetRivers marks the Stars as -122, suggesting they've given them a slight advantage. Although the Avalanche will have more rest coming out of the first round, this advantage is probably due to the fact that these teams will be playing at the American Airlines Center, home of the Dallas Stars, for game 1 of round 2.

These odds not only reflect the expectations from these teams based on their recent performances but also how evenly matched they are.

Having the home ice in any hockey game is a big deal as the home team makes substitutions after the visiting team during stoppages in play, allowing them to better match up with the visitors' players and also get the last call on face-offs as the player who places their stick last at the face-off can time the puck drop better and win more face-offs. 

Small edges such as these can sway the odds of the game in a big way.

Stanley Cup Prospects

  • Avalanche Odds to Win the Cup: +650

  • Stars Odds to Win the Cup:  +950

Looking ahead, the odds for the Stanley Cup also paint an interesting albeit different picture.

The Avalanche stand at +650 at Caesars, making them one of the top contenders to hoist the cup. Meanwhile, the Stars are at +950 at PointsBet, positioned as dark horses with a somewhat reasonable shot at the title. 

This puts the Avalanche at 4th in the hunt and Stars at 6th with only Boston and Vancouver below them. It's certainly some wild times for the NHL Stanley Cup playoffs.

These odds will usually fluctuate as the playoffs progress, but they currently show a higher confidence in the Avalanche's overall capabilities to clinch the cup.

We always recommend you keep a close eye on the futures odds as they'll change rapidly and sometimes by the hour.

Current Stanley Cup Playoff Picture
Current Stanley Cup Playoff Picture

Key Players to Watch

The Stars have demonstrated an unprecedented level of resilience and skill, particularly in their recent scrape-through against the Golden Knights.

We thought the series was going to go to the Stars after 4 or 5 games and were totally surprised when it went to game 7.

Radek Faksa's goal and Wyatt Johnston's emerging playoff legacy with his impressive scoring spree highlight the Stars' ability to find the back of the net when it matters the most.

Johnston, only 20, has already marked his presence with four goals and three assists in these playoffs, and we're confident he might rack up a few more in the Round 2 series against the Avs. His cool demeanor on the ice, except maybe on the golf course, shows he's a player unfazed by pressure, which will definitely be useful in Round 2.

On the Avalanche side, Mikko Rantanen came out of the series against the Jets as hot as a jet engine himself. He had 2 goals and 7 assist with a +98 against a hot playoff-caliber team like Winnepeg. We think he'll keep this streak going against the Stars. And let's not forget about the star of the Avs with, Nathan MacKinnon, who had an outstanding round 1 with 9 points over 5 games. If his round 2 efforts are anything like his regular season and round 1 efforts, Dallas is in for a rude awakening.

What to Expect from Round 2

This series is expected to be a chess match, so they say.

Both teams have their strengths that they will try to leverage and their weaknesses that they need to guard against.

The Stars have shown that they can pull off wins even when not playing their most attractive hockey. Sure, it took them 7 games against Vegas, but they pulled it off. It's the results that count, and Dallas has a knack for gritty, effective play. That makes it not only fun to watch, but essential if they want to give Colorado a beat down.

The Avalanche, known for their speed and skillful puck handling (we're looking at you MacKinnon), will likely try to outmaneuver the Stars' defense with fast breaks and sharpshooting.

How the Stars' defense holds up against this Avalanche onslaught will be key to their success in Round 2.

Potential Game Changers

While both teams appear to be perfectly matched for Round 2 of the NHL Playoffs, the series could hinge on a few factors—

  • Goalkeeping. A standout performance from a goaltender can change a series. The Avs will most likely keep Alexandar Georgiev on the net, and the Stars will put Jake Oettinger on the ice. Both are great, but Jake seems to have a slight edge over Alexandar.

  • Special Teams. Power plays, and penalty kills will be crucial. Capitalizing on these opportunities could tilt the ice in favor of one team, and it will most likely be the Avs. The Stars ranked 1st in the NHL for PIM this season with 554.

  • Injuries and Stamina. As the playoffs drag on, stamina and health become increasingly critical. The team that manages to stay healthier and fresher could have a significant advantage. While the Avalanche have had rest after a 5 game round against the Jets, the Stars round 1 dragged on for a full 7 games. This might play a big role.

Time will tell how much each of those will play a role, but you can bet the Round 2 series will hinge on those 3 factors.

Avalanche and Stars Round 2 Showdown

As the Dallas Stars and Colorado Avalanche face off, it will be a test of endurance, strategy, and heart for both teams.

The odds are closely matched, much like the teams, suggesting that we are all in for an exciting series.

Whether you're a seasoned sports bettor or simply just a fan of the sport, this Round 2 playoff series promises not just excitement but a showcase of top-tier hockey skill. Get ready for a series that we believe may very well go down to the wire.

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