Supercomputer predicts Premier League finishing table after Week 1
Supercomputer predicts Premier League finishing table after Week 1Sean Miller

Supercomputer predicts Fulham will stay up after Premier League Week 1: Manchester United will miss on top 4

Manchester City is still predicted to finish at the top of the league for the fifth time in six years, with Liverpool fading after shock draw to Cottagers: Chelsea and Tottenham make up top four

After Week 1 of the new Premier League season, there have already been some changes to the predicted table.

According to a new simulation done by a supercomputer, Fulham, buoyed by its 2-2 draw with Liverpool Saturday, is now predicted to finish OUTSIDE the relegation zone and maintain its Premier League status in back-to-back campaigns for the first time since a 13-year run came to an end in 2012-13.

That season was also the last time that Manchester United lifted the Premier League title, and it is almost certainly going to be another year waiting for fans of the Red Devils after a shocking 2-1 loss to Brighton & Hove Albion.

Manchester City had no such problems, as the two-time defending champions look to be well on the way to the third three-peat in Premier League history, and first done by a team not called Manchester United.

“It’s going to be another tough year for Manchester United fans because not only will they fall well short of finishing in the top four," a spokesperson for OLBG said. "But they will also have to watch their noisy neighbors stroll to yet another title – at least for them Liverpool come second.

"Fulham fans, meanwhile, will be delighted to see the supercomputer predictions will remove their yo-yo status of being a club that only gets promoted to be relegated again – finishing 17th will suit them just fine.”

Surprisingly, AFC Bournemouth's 2-0 victory over reeling Aston Villa did little to change the Cherries' fortunes: they are still predicted to finish at the foot of the table and be relegated next May. Aston Villa, which looks to be in turmoil, is still predicted to finish 11th, but that might change quickly as players hand in transfer requests to get away from Steven Gerrard's disastrous regime.

With the supercomputer set to run the simulations after each week of the new campaign, things could change in a heartbeat for Fulham, Leeds United, and many other sides, so keep checking back to see what the latest prediction is so you can properly place your futures wagers on the Premier League.

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