The EURO2020 goal is a championship game at Wembley Stadium.
The EURO2020 goal is a championship game at Wembley Stadium.@wembleystadium on Twitter

UEFA EURO 2020 Predictions: Which team is best value to win the cup? Miller thinks only 5 teams have a shot

France is the current favorite at +475. England is next at +600.

So here we are, with the month-long UEFA EURO 2020 set to kick off on Friday.

But who are the teams that can run the seven-game gauntlet and stand on top of the podium on July 11 at Wembley Stadium in London as the newly-crowned champions of Europe?

The way I see it, there are no more than two handfuls of teams that have any sort of shot to win this tournament, although realistically, it is probably closer to one handful.

Here are the top 10 odds for the teams at the EURO 2020 tournament.

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Odds to win

France +475

England +600

Belgium +750

Italy +800

Portugal +800

Germany +900

Spain +900

Netherlands +1500

Denmark +2500

Croatia +4000

Predictions and Value Plays

This is just my opinion as a football genius, but sometimes even geniuses are incorrect. So take this with a grain of salt.

There is NO CHANCE any team outside of the top 10 odds wins this tournament, and I think you can throw out some of these teams as well.

From the above list, I would throw out every team below Portugal (Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Denmark, and Croatia). To win this tournament, you are going to have to run the gauntlet in the knockout stage: Germany will have to do that just to get out of Group F.

Any team from Portugal up is good value. If I had $300 to wager on this, I would put $150 on France (although the team disruptions scare me a little), $75 on Portugal, and maybe $50 on Italy and $25 on England.

If you are not afraid to lose a little value, you could wait to see how the Group stages pan out, and then bet once you see the bracket. You might actually get better value: There are too many good teams here for the odds to dramatically drop too much.

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