Bullish on BallStreet: Miller explains the new in-play wagering app and previews Saturday's FA Cup soccer match — Chelsea vs Arsenal
Chelsea's Olivier Giroud, right, celebrates with teammate Jorginho after scoring his sides second goal during the English Premier League soccer match between Chelsea and Wolverhampton Wanderers at Stamford Bridge, in London, Sunday July 26, 2020.Mike Hewitt | Pool via Associated Press
Bullish on BallStreet: Miller explains the new in-play wagering app and previews Saturday's FA Cup soccer match — Chelsea vs Arsenal
Chelsea vs Arsenal is Saturday, August 1, at 12:30 pm EDT (ESPN+) at Wembley Stadium in London

For many bettors, in-play wagering has become the way to go when trying to beat the sportsbooks.

The real-time aspect of betting on soccer, for example, on which you can wager anything from what will happen in the next five minutes of the match to the next goal (plus the outcome of the game), is something that is growing each month.

BallStreet Trading is counting on that real-time excitement, with the added bonus of peer-to-peer competition, as the company jumps feet first into the global soccer market.

BallStreet, which you can get to on your computer, through iOS on your iPhones and iPads, and on Android, has posted its first market soccer market for the 2020 Emirates F.A. Cup Final Saturday.

Chelsea and Arsenal will match up for the third major final in four years: the Gunners won the 2017 F.A. Cup, and Chelsea was victorious in the 2019 UEFA Europa League Final.

This latest final, which will take place Saturday, August 1, at 12:30 pm EDT (ESPN+) at Wembley Stadium in London, is the BallStreet Trading/Bettors Insider Game of the Day.

BallStreet Trading, Inc.

So if you are not familiar, what is BallStreet Trading? From the website, here is a description of what the contests are:

BallStreet allows members to trade live sports as they are happening in real time.

We have set up a tournament style prediction market. As you enter the market you will be given 100 shares of each team as well as $1K in virtual currency per team in the market. Think of it like a poker tournament and your starting chips. It is up to you to buy and sell shares during the game to out trade everyone else trading the event.

Markets for each team will trade from "0 to 100" based on the Win Probability of each outcome.

Example: A team with a price of "72" means the traders in the market think there is a 72% chance they will win the game. As the game progresses the perception in the market will change. As more traders think a team is playing well, they will buy shares of that team and the price will go up. If traders think a team is playing poorly, they will sell and push the price lower. With the real-time market you are able to buy and sell at all times. The market is always open.

At the end of the game:

Winning outcomes expire at 100

Losing outcomes expire at 0

Your goal is to out trade everyone in the market. The outcome of the actual event doesn't matter, only your trading score.

Let the market decide the winner. Not the game.

(You can find the answers to any other questions you might have here.)

Many people will be watching the game live around the world, and they can join in with the BallStreet Trading market, which is already live as of Thursday afternoon.

Each contest is free to play, but there are cash prizes available. For instance, anyone that finishes this F.A. Cup contest inside the top 10% will win $5. Play enough contests daily, weekly, or monthly, and the cash can add up.

BallStreet Trading, Inc.

For other contests, it moves to the top 20% of players getting a return, so you have more of a chance to win.

There is some strategy to trading on the site, which you can start to learn here.

With all kinds of sports returning this week, such as the NBA and NHL, BallStreet will have markets open each day. Next week brings the UEFA Champions League and Europa League, while the NFL (hopefully), NCAA Football, and of course the 2020 Presidential Election are just around the corner.

Do you think you have what it takes to beat the market? You better jump on soon, though, in order to chase me down.

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