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It's the next best thing to Juventus vs Real Madrid: Juventus Managua vs real Madriz in Nicaragua – Miller picks the Primera Division match

Juventus Managua FC vs. Real Madriz FC starts Saturday at 8 p.m. EDT.

Sean Miller

Sean Miller

Juventus Managua takes on Real Madriz in Nicaraguan Primera Division playoff battle

When Juventus takes on Real Madrid, it is usually a big time battle, such as the 2017 UEFA Champions League Final.

In Nicaragua, Juventus Managua and Real Madriz FC is an important match as well, especially for both teams’ playoff hopes.

These two sides have been pretty even over the years, with Real Madriz leading the series with four wins to three losses, and five draws, since the beginning of 2017. But today, it is Juventus that is at home, where it has won four straight. Real Madriz has lost six straight on the road, so this should be a win for Juventus.

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Juventus Managua FC (-133) vs. Real Madriz FC (+320), draw (+235), 8 p.m. EDT


Juventus Managua FC ML (-133)

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