Jaylon Johnson and the Chicago Bears are headed to London in the 2024 NFL season.
Jaylon Johnson and the Chicago Bears are headed to London in the 2024 NFL season.@ChicagoBears pn X

NFL Selects Teams to Compete in 2024 in London and Munich

The Chicago Bears, Minnesota Vikings, and Jacksonville Jaguars are slated to play in London, while the Carolina Panthers will head to Munich, Germany. More teams and details to be announced.

The NFL unveiled its lineup of teams set to participate in the 2024 International Games, featuring matches in both London and Munich. The Chicago Bears, Minnesota Vikings, and Jacksonville Jaguars are slated to play in London, while the Carolina Panthers will head to Munich, Germany. Detailed information regarding opponents, dates, and kickoff times will be disclosed upon the release of the 2024 schedule this spring.

Venues and History

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, renowned as the sole purpose-built NFL stadium outside the U.S., will showcase games featuring the Bears and Vikings, while the Jaguars will return to Wembley Stadium, marking their 12th game in the capital. Munich will host a regular-season game once more, with the Panthers set to compete in Allianz Arena, home of FC Bayern Munich. The NFL previously debuted a regular-season game in Germany in 2022, where the Tampa Bay Buccaneers secured a victory against the Seattle Seahawks, with a final score of 21-16 as per offers.bet.

Expansion and Global Reach

In 2024, the NFL is set to expand its international footprint further by hosting its inaugural regular-season game in South America, specifically in São Paulo's Corinthians Arena. The designated team for this historic event will be announced in the forthcoming months, aligning with the release of the 2024 NFL schedule on which there were tips last year. Peter O'Reilly, executive vice president of club business, league events, and international at the NFL, expressed enthusiasm for the league's commitment to broadening its global reach. He emphasized the importance of engaging with international fans and providing world-class athletes an opportunity to interact with diverse audiences worldwide.

Enhanced Fan Engagement

The NFL's international games aren't just about football; they're about connecting with fans worldwide. By bringing games to London, Munich, and potentially South America, the league amplifies its global presence and fosters a sense of inclusivity among diverse audiences. These events serve as cultural exchanges, allowing fans from different countries to experience American football firsthand and interact with players, coaches, and fellow enthusiasts. Such engagements not only promote the sport but also strengthen the NFL's international fan base and solidify its status as a truly global phenomenon.

Economic Impact and Tourism

The NFL's international games generate substantial economic benefits for host cities and regions. With thousands of fans traveling from across the globe to attend games, hotels, restaurants, and local businesses experience increased patronage, resulting in a significant boost to the local economy. Moreover, these events draw media attention and tourism, showcasing the host cities' cultural attractions and landmarks to a worldwide audience. As a result, cities vie to host NFL games, recognizing the prestige and economic opportunities associated with being a host city for such high-profile sporting events.

Player Exposure and Development

The NFL's international games provide players with unique opportunities for exposure and growth. Competing in iconic stadiums abroad exposes athletes to diverse playing conditions and environments, enhancing their adaptability and resilience. Additionally, engaging with international fans fosters cultural exchange and mutual appreciation for the sport, enriching players' perspectives and broadening their horizons. 

Moreover, international games often feature community outreach initiatives, enabling players to connect with local communities, inspire youth, and promote the values of teamwork, discipline, and perseverance inherent in football. Such experiences contribute to players' personal and professional development, enriching their careers and leaving lasting impressions on both players and fans alike.

Global Markets Program and Future Plans

All four teams selected for the U.K. and Germany games are part of the NFL's Global Markets Program, which grants international marketing rights to NFL teams beyond the U.S. While Mexico will not host an international game in 2024 due to ongoing renovations at Estadio Azteca, the league has affirmed its intent to resume games upon completion of the renovations. Furthermore, NFL clubs recently voted to expand league-operated international games from four to up to eight games annually, starting in 2025. Future announcements regarding new markets and host cities/stadiums will be unveiled at later dates.

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