Mims' tips for 2023-2024 NFL wins/losses futures plays as training camps are about to begin

Scout your teams before you check what the oddsmakers say.
Jalen Hurts will be a main focus when the Philadelphia Eagles start training camp.
Jalen Hurts will be a main focus when the Philadelphia Eagles start training camp.@Eagles on Twitter

NFL training camps start next week, so it’s time to dive into the 2023 season with some insight into some future bets. Future bets are wagers that we can make right now based on wins, loses and making the playoffs. I will share some betting strategies that will get you into the season as training camp begins.

The first thing is to set your budget for the season. Ask yourself how much you can realistically afford to lose this year in case things go bad. Most people go week to week or game to game with their wagering. This strategy is costly and does not involve discipline. I advise you to set parameters that start with a certain amount of money. If you wager primarily on single games, then 75 % of your budget should be devoted to that. The remaining 25% will be for parlays and futures. The single game wagers, money line or with the point spread, will win more often than any of your parlay bets. It stands to reason that more money should be allocated there.

The second thing to do is to look at the regular season schedule and pick three teams that you are familiar with and go through each match up. Don’t take the point spread into consideration. After you complete your selections for the entire season, go to your favorite betting website and look at the win/lose and over/under game totals. If you look before you make your selections ,your opinion will be swayed. If your selection exceeds the projected number posted by the sportsbook, then you make an over bet. If your picks are under the number posted by the book, the under play has value for you. The amount of the wager should be no more than what you would bet on a regular season game with the point spread. You are tying up money for a 17-week period. Win/Loss bets should be made at the start of training camp.

The third strategy involves a historical look at how the three teams you picked fared over the last 2-3 seasons. If they made the NFC or AFC playoffs in 2 of those years and you have them at a high win total, a bet on them to make the postseason is worth a two-unit play. A unit play is one percent of your bankroll. This bet can be made close to the end of training camp.

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