Comparing the Top Bonuses from Sportsbooks

All of the major sportsbooks offer various promotions and bonus codes to get new customers. We break down the major differences between each promo offer.
Comparing the Top Bonus Offers and Promotions from Major Sportsbooks
Compare every sportsbook welcome offer and instantly build your bankroll

When it comes to online sports betting, the bonuses and promotions offered by sportsbooks are where the excitement starts. From there, you can get into whichever bet types and sports you want, but you’re typically backed by a bit of house money.

Since not all bonuses are the same, we figured we’d break them down so you can see them side by side and decide which is best for you.

BetMGM: First Bet Offer $1500 

BetMGM is renowned for its extensive range of betting options and user-friendly interface. After all, they’re one of the biggest names in the sports betting industry, so you’d come to expect that from a name like BetMGM.

One of its most attractive promotions is the “First Bet Offer up to $1,500.” This means that if your first bet loses, BetMGM will refund you up to $1,500 in bonus bets, provided you use the bonus code EWBET1.

21+ to wager. Please gamble responsibly. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER. Offer availability may vary.

What makes it stand out?

  1. High Refund Amount. The $1,500 refund is one of the highest in the industry, providing a lot of cover for your initial bet.

  2. Flexibility. This offer gives bettors the chance to start with a significant wager, knowing they have a safety net. You don’t have to go all in with $1,500, but if you don’t, you’re leaving money on the table.

  3. Ease of Use. BetMGM's platform is known for its ease of use, making it simple to place your first bet and take advantage of the offer. If your bet loses, the bonus bets are added to your account automatically.

Bet365: Choose your Offer: Bet $5, Get $150, or Get a First Bet Safety Net up to $1,000

Bet365 actually offers a choice for new users, allowing them to select between two different promotions: Bet $5, Get $150, or a First Bet Safety Net up to $1,000. That’s not something we see from major sportsbooks. If it’s successful, however, we might see more of these types of bonuses from other big names in the future.

While we love the idea of having some options, Bet365 is a sportsbook that is popular around the world. Sure, they’re just starting out in the US, but with bonuses like this, they’re making a splash in the sports betting industry.

21+ to wager. Please gamble responsibly. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER. Offer availability may vary.

What makes it stand out?

  1. Promotion Choice. The ability to choose between two lucrative offers gives bettors flexibility based on their betting style and risk preference. We all love choices, and Bet365 delivers on it.

  2. Low Entry Barrier. The Bet $5 Get $150 offer is fantastic for beginners who want to start small but still get a decent bonus. Even if you don’t have hundreds to throw down on bets, you can still get into the action for the cost of a cup of coffee.

  3. High Safety Net. The “First Bet Safety Net up to $1,000” provides reassurance for those looking to place a larger initial bet. This is a better offer if you come in with a bigger bet.

DraftKings: Get a No Sweat Bet Up to $1,500 and Get a No Sweat NBA SGP Every Day of NBA Playoffs

DraftKings is a major player in the sportsbook industry, known for its innovative promotions. Their current offer includes a No Sweat Bet up to $1,500 and a daily No Sweat NBA Same Game Parlay (SGP) during the NBA playoffs.

Unlike Bet365, this is not an “or.” This is an “and.”  That means you get both. With just a few weeks left in the NBA playoffs, you might want to jump on this before it’s gone.

21+ to wager. Please gamble responsibly. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER. Offer availability may vary.

What makes it stand out?

  1. High-Value No Sweat Bet. The up to $1,500 No Sweat Bet ensures that even if your first bet doesn’t win, you get another chance without losing your initial stake. This is essentially what BetMGM is offering. It’s fairly common in the industry.

  2. Daily NBA Playoff Bonus Offer. During the NBA playoffs, you get a daily No Sweat NBA SGP, making it an excellent choice for basketball fans and sports bettors. It’s not much, but it’s free, and it’s yours.

  3. Engagement. These offers keep bettors engaged daily, especially during major sports events like the NBA playoffs. Most promotions fizzle out after the initial deposit or first bet, but this one keeps you engaged throughout the playoffs.

Caesars: Bet Up to $1,000 on Caesars - Win or Get a Bet Credit Back

Caesars Sportsbook offers a Bet Up to $1,000 promotion where, if your first bet doesn’t win, you get a bet credit back. This is available to all new users when they use the promo code BV1000.

Just like some of the other names, Caesars is dominant in the industry. That’s why they can put out big promotions like this one. It’s not the best there is, but it’s not too shabby either. We wouldn’t pass it up.

21+ to wager. Please gamble responsibly. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER. Offer availability may vary.

What makes it stand out?

  1. High Safety Net. The up to $1,000 bet credit back ensures that your initial bet is protected, reducing the financial risk right out of the gate. Of course, it can’t eliminate all risks, as you could lose on the bonus bets, too.

  2. Renowned Brand. Caesars is a trusted name in the gambling industry, providing a sense of reliability and security for bettors. That goes a long way when there are shady offshore sportsbooks you need to watch out for.

  3. Versatility. The bet credit can be used across a wide range of betting options, giving users the flexibility to explore different sports and markets. This is especially valuable if you’re new to the sports betting scene.

FanDuel: Bet $5, Get $150 If Your Team Wins

FanDuel’s promotion is straightforward: Bet $5, Get $150 If Your Team Wins. This offer is ideal for those who are confident in their team’s success and don’t have much to wager with.

There’s a good reason this bonus offer is at the bottom of our list. It’s not the best promotion in th emarket. As you look at the others, you can see quite a disparity between what FanDuel is offering and what BetMGM and Bet365 are putting out to new players.

Fortunately, this is very unlike FanDuel, and we’re sure they’ll change things soon.

21+ to wager. Please gamble responsibly. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER. Offer availability may vary.

What makes it stand out?

  1. Simple and Attractive. The simplicity of betting $5 to potentially get $150 makes it very appealing for new bettors. It’s not much, but then again, neither is the initial bet.

  2. Low Risk, High Reward. With a minimal initial bet, the potential reward is substantial, making it a low-risk, high-reward offer. It’s a lot like odds boosts, in a way.

Ready to Place Your Bets?

Each of these top sportsbooks offers unique bonuses that cater to different types of bettors. Some are a bit generic, but then again some have put their own unique twist on the offers.

BetMGM's high refund amount, Bet365's choice of promotions, DraftKings' engaging offers, FanDuel's simple and high-reward deal, and Caesars' reliable safety net each provide great reasons for you to take a closer look at them.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned bettor, these bonuses can take your betting experience to the next level, so don’t miss out on them. There are no rules that state you’re limited to a single sportsbook, so be sure to take advantage of each of them.

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