3 Sports, 3 Matchups and 1 DraftKings Promo

As we head into June, it's a great time of the year to be a sports bettor. Using the DraftKings promo code, you can bet on the NBA Finals, NHL Playoffs, and a great MLB weekend series.
DraftKings Promo Offer for the Boston Celtics and Edmonton Oilers

When it comes to betting on sports, timing and opportunity are everything. If you’ve been on the sportsbook circuit then you know that. Fortunately for you, right now DraftKings has a current promo, offering a "No Sweat Bet Up to $1,500" with no code required.

This promotion is the perfect chance to place your bets on three major matchups happening across the NBA, NHL, and MLB. 

NBA Finals: Boston Celtics vs. Dallas Mavericks

The 2024 NBA Finals are all set and they’re looking like it’s going to be a thrilling showdown between the Boston Celtics and the Dallas Mavericks. The Celtics have dominated the league this season, while the Mavericks have shown their growth and determination throughout the playoffs.

The Matchup

This big matchup kicks off on June 6, which gives you plenty of time to get the DraftKings bonus and place your first bet.

  • Game 1: Mavericks vs. Celtics, June 6 (8:30 p.m. ET)

  • Game 2: Mavericks vs. Celtics, June 9 (8 p.m. ET)

  • Game 3: Celtics vs. Mavericks, June 12 (8:30 p.m. ET)

  • Game 4: Celtics vs. Mavericks, June 14 (8:30 p.m. ET)

  • Game 5: Mavericks vs. Celtics, June 17 (8:30 p.m. ET)*

  • Game 6: Celtics vs. Mavericks, June 20 (8:30 p.m. ET)*

  • Game 7: Mavericks vs. Celtics, June 23 (8 p.m. ET)*

*If necessary

Key Factors to the Series

The Celtics’ home-court advantage and their deep roster, led by massive stars like Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, make them favorites at -210 to win it all. The Mavericks, however, boast a dynamic duo in Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving, who can change the game's complexion in an instant. But is it enough to overcome their +250 starting odds? We’ll see!

How to Bet

Using the DraftKings promo, you could place a "No Sweat Bet" on the Celtics winning Game 1 or a futures bet that they will win the NBA Finals outright. Boston has consistently performed well at home, and this could be a safe start to using your bonus. If your bet doesn't win, DraftKings will refund your wager, up to $1,500, allowing you another shot in the series or perhaps in another matchup altogether.

BettorsInsider’s Pick

Boston has been too dominant and consistent. The odds favor them to win it all and we’re going to take that bet all day. We’re thinking it’s Boston in 6 games.

NHL Playoffs: Dallas Stars vs. Edmonton Oilers

The Western Conference Finals have brought us a fierce battle between the Dallas Stars and the Edmonton Oilers. Both teams have shown tenacity and skill, making this series one of the most exciting to watch. So far, the series is extremely tight with each holding 2 wins a piece. This matchup must go to at least 6 games, but we’re thinking it comes down to the wire in the 7th game.

The Matchup

This series has already shown some amazing talent and incredible plays, but as we stand now, there are at least 2 games left, with a potential third.

  • Game 5: Edmonton vs. Dallas, May 31 (7:30 p.m. ET)

  • Game 6: Dallas vs. Edmonton, June 2 (7:00 p.m. ET)

  • Game 7: Edmonton vs. Dallas, June 4 (TBD)*

*If necessary

Key Factors to the Series

The Oilers’ offensive power, led by Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl, has been nothing short of stellar. It’s a tough duo to beat. The Stars, on the other hand, rely on a balanced attack and strong defense, anchored by goalie Jake Oettinger, one of the best goaltenders we’ve ever seen.

How to Bet

You might want to think about using the DraftKings promo for a bet on the Oilers to win Game 5. Edmonton has shown resilience, bouncing back from deficits and leveraging their potent offense to outscore opponents, even with one of the best netminders in the league between the pipes. If they manage to win on the road, your bet pays off. If they lose, you get your money back to place another strategic bet.

BettorsInsider’s Pick

This is a tough one, but we have to go with Edmonton. It’s an uphill battle with them at +300 odds to win the Stanley Cup, but they’ve got the grit. Although they don’t have the home-ice advantage, we’re picking Edmonton in 7.

MLB: Kansas City Royals vs. San Diego Padres

As the MLB season heats up, as with the weather, the Kansas City Royals face the San Diego Padres in a series that promises to deliver plenty of action. Both teams are hot and have winning records with ⅓ of the season down. We’re looking forward to this matchup this weekend.

The Series

Unlike the other matchups we discussed, this is a traditional interleague weekend series.

  • Game 1: San Diego at Kansas City, May 31 (7:10 p.m. CT)

  • Game 2: San Diego at Kansas City, June 1 (3:10 p.m. CT)

  • Game 3: San Diego at Kansas City, June 2 (1:10 p.m. CT)

Key Factors to the Series

The Padres come into this game as favorites, with odds at -140. Sure, KC has a better record at 35-23, but you have to look deeper than that to have a true understanding. San Diego has a strong lineup featuring players like Fernando Tatis Jr. and Manny Machado. That’s a tall order. Despite this, the Royals, while underdogs have shown they can surprise top teams.

How to Bet

Head over to DraftKings and start the sign up process. It’s quick and only takes a couple of minutes. Using the DraftKings promo, you could place a "No Sweat Bet" on the Royals to win Game 1. Given their underdog status, a win would yield a higher return. If they lose, you still have your refunded wager to use on another game in the series.

BettorsInsider’s Pick

Interleague matchups are the toughest picks, but we’ve got to go with Kansas City to take the series. We get it, Padres are the favorites from the sportsbooks, but KC is coming into this series 4th in runs and 6th in ERA. It’s a powerful balance that teams need to hang with the pack.

Head Over to DraftKings and Use the Promo

There’s no point in waiting around. If you want to get your slice of $1,500 in bonus bets, you need to head over to DraftKings right now and sign up to get this promo.  You have 7 days to make your initial bet with it, so the clock is ticking.

Fortunately for you, all three of these series are waiting to join your bet slip.  Think you have a chance? We do.

With these insights and the DraftKings promo, you're well-equipped to make informed bets on some of the biggest matchups in sports right now. It’s an exciting time of the year for sports and sports bettors.

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