Stripchat sets goal of scoring with Inter Milan soccer in $28 million shirt offer
Stripchat, ahead of the curve, now takes Dogecoin

Stripchat sets goal of scoring with Inter Milan soccer in $28 million shirt offer

Webcam platform VP Max Bennett bares all about the company's bid.

The name of Pirelli has been synonymous with Internazionale (Inter Milan) for three decades.

Hundreds of millions of soccer fans around the world would have remembered the iconic scenes from 2010, when Inter stunned Europe to a treble, capping it off with the 2010 UEFA Champions League title.

Right now, Inter is on pace to break the nine-season hegemony of Juventus at the top of Serie A, and win its first title since that 2009-10 season, which was the last of five-straight crowns.

Basically, they are in a good spot right now: about to be champions, and heading back into the Champions League next season.

It will be with a new shirt sponsor, though, as Pirelli is ending its 30-year deal.

Enter Stripchat.

One of the leading adult webcam companies, Stripchat has offered Inter $28 million to be its next shirt sponsor. The deal would give the company a new base of fans, to go along with the already growing one it has, which has been helped by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here is a question and answer session with Vice President of New Media at Stripchat, Max Bennett, about the deal and the company.

Why Inter specifically?

It’s been reported that their contract with Pirelli is set to expire at the end of the season. Given how popular they are right now – sitting atop the Serie A table – we figured it would make sense for us to throw ourselves into the mix and extend an offer. There is a lot of crossover between our core demographics.

Is soccer something that would go well because of the visibility of the shirt?

Yes it would provide Stripchat with visibility across the world. Inter are not only popular in Italy but so many other countries as well. This is a wonderful opportunity for us.

I know you tried to sponsor the Superdome. Have you thought about other teams (Manchester United for example)?

It really depends on their sponsorship contract. But we are always looking for ways to generate visibility for our website.

There are so many gambling companies that sponsor shirts (I think upwards of 50-60% in some leagues). Obviously, times are changing, so do you think people and the people running the leagues will accept this at some point?

I really hope so! I can’t say on behalf of gambling companies, it is not my area. However, I can give my comment on behalf of live streaming sites adopting new technologies. At Stripchat, we are building an open-minded community accepting people from all around the globe to do live streams and exchange their opinions on our platform. Giving it better exposure means more opportunities for people to interact and utilize our platform.

People might not know how big your site is, but if you could just explain how massive it is and is becoming every year.

Stripchat averages over 240 million visitors a month from around the world. Here is a recent blog we posted showcasing our traffic and engagement.

Has the pandemic affected the numbers?

Indeed, we reported an overall growth in traffic in 2020 having 906,181,416 in total new users vs 537,938,778 in 2019, and it worth saying that Americans obviously took a liking to Stripchat, as 90% more users (160,340,612 vs 84,162,712) came to the platform in 2020 compared to 2019. You can check out the above mentioned blog post for more exciting data.

How have you used the crypto boom to help the company and workers?

We are always looking to adopt better technologies and offer more convenient ways for our users to make payments. We recently announced we’re accepting Dogecoin.

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