Navigating the 2023 College Football Championship Week

Las Vegas handicapper Bruce Marshall, renowned for his innovative Tech Corner technique, helps find the most profitable plays.

The college football season is hurtling towards its crescendo, with Championship Week poised to deliver a football extravaganza featuring 10 conference title games. The outcome of these highly anticipated clashes carries immense weight, as they could significantly impact the final College Football Playoff field. In the midst of this heightened drama, seasoned Vegas handicapper Bruce Marshall, renowned for his innovative Tech Corner technique, has meticulously examined the betting odds and trends to unearth the most lucrative picks for Championship Week.

Key Matchups and Picks

Championship Week's marquee matchups include the Pac-12 showdown between No. 5 Oregon and No. 3 Washington, with the latest SportsLine consensus favoring Oregon at -9.5. Saturday promises intense showdowns, such as No. 7 Texas facing No. 19 Oklahoma State with a -14 spread and the SEC title game featuring No. 1 Georgia (-5) against No. 8 Alabama. For those seeking underdog opportunities, the clash between No. 18 Iowa and No. 2 Michigan presents an intriguing prospect, with an enticing +23 spread.

Bruce Marshall's insightful analysis pinpoints one of the standout picks for Championship Week – backing No. 2 Michigan in the Big Ten Championship Game to cover the 23-point spread against No. 18 Iowa. Marshall's Tech Corner technique suggests that Michigan, despite stumbling in the early season, has found its rhythm, going 6-2 against the spread since then. Additionally, Marshall advocates for taking the Under (35) in this matchup, citing Michigan's impressive 11-3-1 record against the line in Big Ten play since early 2022.

Analyzing Trends and Statistics

Marshall's Tech Corner technique isn't a mere abstraction; it's grounded in a meticulous examination of each team's performance, trends and historical data. Michigan's track record against the spread in Big Ten play showcases their consistency, boasting an impressive 17-5-2 record against the points since late 2021. Marshall emphasizes that Iowa's seven-game Under streak further solidifies the value play on the total in this matchup, making it a compelling choice for astute bettors.

The broader landscape of Championship Week is equally intriguing, with various conference title games presenting unique betting opportunities. Marshall, drawing on his vast experience, has identified a team on a 17-7 spread run, reinforcing the notion that hidden gems exist beyond the high-profile matchups. For a comprehensive breakdown of every matchup and informed betting analysis, Marshall's insights are indispensable.

Expanding on Championship Week

Beyond the highlighted matchups, Championship Week offers a smorgasbord of enticing clashes, each with its own set of dynamics and betting possibilities. The 2023 Conference USA Championship Game sees New Mexico State facing Liberty (-10.5, 54), while the Pac-12 Championship Game pits Oregon against Washington (+9.5, 67). Saturday's lineup includes the MAC Championship Game between Miami (OH) and Toledo (-8, 46), the Big 12 Championship Game featuring Oklahoma State against Texas (-14, 55) and the SEC Championship Game where Georgia squares off against Alabama (+5, 55.5).

As the action unfolds, bettors have the opportunity to capitalize on the multitude of spreads and totals available across various games with these bonuses. Marshall's keen insights into each matchup provide a strategic advantage, allowing bettors to navigate the complexities of Championship Week with confidence.


With the excitement building towards Championship Week, the betting landscape becomes a captivating arena for both seasoned gamblers and casual fans looking to add an extra layer of excitement to the games. Bruce Marshall's Tech Corner technique and meticulous analysis provide a roadmap for navigating the complex web of spreads, odds and trends, offering a valuable resource for those seeking an edge in their betting endeavors. Before locking in any Championship Week college football picks, be sure to consult the expert insights of a legendary Vegas handicapper like Bruce Marshall, whose Tech Corner technique continues to be a beacon for those navigating the unpredictable waters of college football betting.

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