Drake and Stake team up to give away $1 million to fans, LeBron James foundation, after night of betting

The Canadian hip hop superstar played roulette live on the Stake.com Twitch stream, then teamed up with the crypto betting company to give out $2 million in total to fans and to the foundation
Drake and Stake teamed up to give $1 million.
Drake and Stake teamed up to give $1 million.Stake.com Twitter

For the second time in two months, Canadian hip hop superstar Drake teamed up with Stake.com for an online casino session hosted by Twitch.

There were two streams going, with over 200,000 fans watching Monday night, as the rapper twice hit on his lucky number 11 on the roulette wheels to win over $20,000,000 on just two spins. But once again, it was not his night, as he ended up losing his stake by the end of the stream.

For his fans, though, and for many lucky Stake.com players, the night was more than lucky: Drake gave away $25,000 at a time to fans, some of which got a chance to FaceTime with the rapper and his special guest, French Montana, who joined after Drake hit on 11 the first time.

While Drake gave away the money to fans during his second (of what looks like many) Stake.com Twitch nights, he also teamed up with the crypto company to make a large donation to the LeBron James Foundation, making the night special all around for so many people.

Commenting on the win and his gift, Drake said: “Speaking of memorable nights, I had an incredible night last night playing roulette on Stake. It was my biggest hit ever.

“As you can see, I was clearly excited. Any time I get blessed like that, I always think it’s luck that needs to be transferred, or it’s good karma that needs to be transferred.

“I play for fun and I play in the hope that I can spread love, always.”

Speaking to James in a private dining room, Drake said: “I’ve been trying to figure out what we can do to help you.

“Myself and Eddie from Stake are going to dedicate $1m to the I Promise School and I’m going to come and drop it off myself before the school year is over.”

Ed Craven, co-founder of Stake.com said: “Stake has always been about community. That extends beyond our players to the wider public too, especially those who will benefit the most from acts of generosity and love like that shown by Drake.

“When the collaboration with Drake began he made it clear he shared our values and he was playing to spread good fortune.

“He’s backed it up with the million dollar donation and it’s a privilege to work with him to support the vital and outstanding work LeBron James is doing with his Foundation.

“Stake is honoured to collaborate with two of the biggest names on the planet to initiate positive change for so many families.”

Drake also gave $100,000 to Mabel, mother of Michael, a high school basketball player at Royal Crown Academy in Toronto, in an effort to support the family and give the highly-rated youngster the best chance of success.

Drake said: “He [Michael] is an extremely hard worker and star player and his mother, Mabel, is one of the hardest working women, period.

“And I’m sure any of us with those family dynamics - we can relate.

“She’s grinding, she’s working a bunch of jobs in the hope her son does incredible things and we pray he will, but we’re here tonight, me and LeBron, on behalf of Stake to try and make things a little easier. We’re going to bless them tonight, so I’m looking forward to seeing their reaction.”

Drake & Stake’s donation to the LeBron James Foundation is the most recent philanthropic act made by the betting platform, following on from their $1 million Bitcoin donation to the people of Ukraine.

About Stake.com:

Founded in 2017, Stake.com is one of the leading and fastest-growing operators in the cryptocurrency sports betting and gaming sectors worldwide.

At the heart of the rapid success of Stake.com has been the brand’s focus on community, fostered through its VIP rewards programme and the use of pioneering technology integrations such as live chat and content streaming.

Stake.com boast an extensive global sponsorship portfolio including partnerships with English Premier League team Watford FC, Argentine soccer legend Sergio Aguero, the UFC and many more.

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