The USA women practice in Tokyo.
The USA women practice in Tokyo.@usabasketball on Twitter

Olympics Women's Basketball: O'Sullivan parlays up USA vs Nigeria and Australia vs Belgium in Tuesday play

USA vs Nigeria, Tuesday 12:40 am EDT, Australia vs Belgium, Tuesday 4:20 am EDT.

Well, I guess it’s “never” for the U.S. Men’s Team. My Lord. Well, I’ve always wanted to live in Paris. “Reason for Expatriation: Shame at basketball team.”

Seattle O’Sullivan so far: 68-57-1

Moneyline Parlay:

Women’s Basketball: Nigeria vs. USA (-10000)/Australia (-400)

True Price: -385

Look, I know parlays are stupid. And yes, I know that -385 is crummy value. Once again, in the words of Albert Brooks in Broadcast News, “I give you everything!” But man, taking a loss on the U.S. Men’s Team has me looking for something to believe in. And I think it’s the women. The U.S. squad is the class of the world, and unlike their male counterparts, aren’t going to just get stung. So I’ll combine them here with Australia, which I like because of who’s not playing: LIz Cambage. Cambage left the team to deal with her mental health issues, and while I’m not insensitive to that, research indicates that it did not seem like her teammates were sorry to see her go. Cambage is considered to be a great player but based on my watching, “great” means “six feet eight inches tall.” I think Australia will be fired up to prove they don’t need her. Let’s get back on our feet.

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