Napheesa Collier, baller.
Napheesa Collier, baller.@minnesotalynx on Twitter

WNBA Wednesday: O'Sullivan, who's lost his taste for Wings, picks Wings v Lynx, Mercury v Aces, Sparks v Storm

Dallas Wings at Minnesota Lynx, 8 pm EDT, Phoenix Mercury at Las Vegas Aces, 10 pm EDT, Los Angeles Sparks at Seattle Storm, 10 pm EDT.

First, my editor taunts me with the headlines to my picks. Snark, snide, sarcastic; oh, you can check the record. Then, he enjoys a little ad-hominem name-calling* questioning my manhood. Now, yesterday, he decides to not even put up my picks.** Is my editor the one who’s afraid? Is my editor the one reluctant to post my brilliant prognostication for the WNBA?*** Things to consider as we move to tonight’s games…

*Perhaps this is projected in this author’s mind

**Perhaps it was inadvertent due to travel inconveniences.

***Actually, full disclosure: I picked Dallas to beat New York on Monday, both the money line and to cover 5.5 points. So, technically an 0-2 night. I’ve factored that in below.

Seattle O’Sullivan so far: 55-48-1

Dallas Wings at Minnesota Lynx, 8 pm EDT

The Pick: Minnesota (-172), Minnesota -3.5 (-112)

Something that even hurts more than the antipathy I feel steaming off of my editor is, I have to back off my Dallas Wings love. The game on Monday was a reality-check: New York is a mediocre team and controlled the game, Dallas seems even more determined than other WNBA teams to not guard open three-point shooters (I will be releasing my full diatribe on this at some point during the Olympic break), and important to tonight, the Wings don’t have anyone who can keep Lynx center Sylvia Fowles from scoring down low. Minnesota’s Napheesa Collier is the best player in the game tonight. So I need to take a step back, Dallas. You’re thinking, “It’s not you, it’s me,” and in the words of Adam Carolla, you’re right: I don’t like you right now.

Phoenix Mercury at Las Vegas Aces, 10 pm EDT

The Pick: Las Vegas (-475), Las Vegas -9.5 (-110)

This matchup is a top-tier team against a mediocre team and the first of a two-game series between the Aces and Mercury. Las Vegas has won four in a row, while Phoenix has dropped two to the aforementioned Minnesota Lynx. But in their earlier matchup this year, Phoenix only lost by 6, but they’re 2-6 against the spread in their last eight, and I just don’t feel they’re on the Aces level. Perhaps the second game of the series will be tighter, as Las Vegas looks forward to the break. But they should take care of business tonight.

Los Angeles Sparks at Seattle Storm, 10 pm EDT

The Pick: Seattle (-1600), Seattle -14.5 (-110)

After beating Los Angeles 84-74 on Sunday, now Seattle faces the Storm at home. Now, Seattle is 2-7 against the spread at home, and that’s something to consider. But I think the Storm weren’t quite comfortable being tested quite so much by the Sparks on Independence Day. I think they lay the smack-down tonight. The Sparks just don’t have enough consistency on offense. It’s the second game of a two-game series, but not in the same gym, so I don’t think the Storm let off the gas. I think they cruise.

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