WNBA Sunday: O'Sullivan picks Dallas Wings v Seattle Storm, Atlanta Dream v Minnesota Lynx, wants more Fowles
Sylvia Fowles of the Lynx has a distinct height advantage on the Dream.YouTube.com

WNBA Sunday: O'Sullivan picks Dallas Wings v Seattle Storm, Atlanta Dream v Minnesota Lynx, wants more Fowles

Atlanta Dream at Minnesota Lynx, 7:00 pm EDT, Dallas Wings at Seattle Storm, 7:00 EDT.

Well, apparently the Sky is my limit. I lost betting on Chicago again yesterday, for the third time in five days. Strangely, I felt better because the Sky only gave away a four-point lead in the fourth quarter to the Sparks, instead of their usual ten points or so; I believe psychiatrists call that the bargaining phase. Readers might be relieved knowing Chicago doesn’t play for four days, but I want to stay in practice, so during those days, I plan to incorrectly predict other sports or just day-to-day life in the Windy City. So today put your money on the Cubs -42.5 against the Giants, place a wager that tomorrow it will hail in Chicago, and during the week put your life savings on Oprah not talking about herself in the third person. I think psychiatrists call that consistency.

In the meantime, today’s two games are rematches of Friday night’s slate. I watched both of those games and learned a lot. In my predictions, I’ll impart my knowledge, and hopefully you - and a couple of WNBA head coaches - can use it for success as well.

Seattle O’Sullivan so far: 11-8

Atlanta Dream at Minnesota Lynx, 7:00 pm EDT

The Pick: Minnesota ML (-245), Minnesota -5.5 (-110)

What I learned Friday: Minnesota center Sylvia Fowles is 6 feet, 6 inches tall. at least two inches taller than anyone on the Atlanta roster. In the first quarter of Friday’s game, Lynx head coach Cheryl Reeve appeared to know that, as the Lynx worked to get the ball down low to Fowles where she could have her way. As someone who had bet on the Dream, I envisioned Fowles basically turning in the post and dropping the ball in the hoop over and over again until I passed out. This did not happen, however. The Dream lured the Lynx somewhat into an up-and-down game, and Atlanta’s guards, particularly Courtney Williams, took advantage. I’m banking on Reeve making that adjustment today, and Fowles dominating. Once again, a bit more on the money line, and consider the cover gravy.

Dallas Wings at Seattle Storm, 7:00 EDT

The Pick: Seattle ML (-470), Seattle -8.5 (-115)

What I learned Friday: 3 > 2. Now, you may think I should’ve known this already, and truth be told, I did. I’ve known the less than/greater than, “alligator wants more” stuff for at least a few weeks now. And as anyone who’s watched basketball in the last decade will tell you, pretty much every team realizes this inequality at this point. And to be fair, while they were on offense, Seattle appeared to understand this mathematical concept as well, shooting 10-26 from the 3-point line. Where this math seemed to escape them, however, was on the defensive end, where the Storm seemed less concerned about Dallas’ shooting than I am about Kevin Hart not getting enough screen time. Dallas made 11 threes on Friday, most of them wide-open and most of them with me, having bet on Seattle, furious with the world. I’m banking on Storm head coach Noelle Quinn at least suggesting her players put a hand up when Wing Marina Mabrey (4-8 from 3) or Arike Ogunbowale (4-7) get the ball beyond the arc if only to prevent me from turning on Ride Along 2. The Storm are the much better team, their star Breanna Stewart got pretty much whatever she wanted on Friday, and if she touches the ball more, and she and her teammates at least express an interest in defending, their talent and teamwork should take care of the Wings. Again, heavier on the money line, consider the cover gravy and enjoy your Sunday.

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