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The clay court of Bastad, Sweden.
The clay court of Bastad, Sweden.|

Tennis Thursday: Abrams likes the Londero vs. Dellien match from Bastad, Sweden

The match has moved to 9 am EDT Thursday.

Neal Abrams

Neal Abrams

Swedish Open

Bastad, Sweden

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Juan Ignacio Londero over Hugo Dellien

What makes this match one to bet is that the ATP official statistics have Dellien, the 26-year-old Bolivian, with a career record of 1-0 versus Londero. They show their only match as a straight set Dellien win on clay, indoors, a couple of months ago in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The thing is, these guys have played eight other times, with Londero a winner in six of those matches, with every one of them coming on clay courts. Because these matches were either in Qualifying rounds, Challenger events, or Futures matches, the ATP, in it’s ultimate wisdom, does not count those matches as “official”, even though they were all played in ITF sanctioned tournaments with referees, umpires, ball boys, and even when and where electronic statistics were kept and reported. To say that these matches meant nothing is pure fantasy, as both of these guys will walk out to the clay courts in Bastad with the knowledge that Londero is the clear favorite. And although Londero is ranked above Dellien, 71 compared to 94, this match is a good one to bet on as the line will not reflect the dominance Londero has had over Dellien in the past seven years.