Here Are the Best Tips for Betting on the Champions League 2023-24 Season

The 69th edition of the Champions League is upon us and some are already predicting who will take home the trophy. But everything is still up in the air, so here are all the tips you need.
Newcastle celebrates a win over PSG.
Newcastle celebrates a win over PSG.@ChampionsLeague on X

The 69th edition of the Champions League is upon us. With a new season of exciting clashes, various international teams are looking to become on top. As we already see teams like Bayern, Real Madrid and PSG at the top of the groups, some are already predicting who will take home the trophy. But everything is still up in the air, so it can seem challenging to determine which teams to bet on. Here are all the tips you need. 

Get The Basics First

Although betting might not be new to the readers, it is never a bad idea to refresh one’s memory, especially if it’s been a long time since betting on the Champions League. While some might enjoy going to the betting shop to place bets, it is often more convenient and easier to access online betting. Apps like betway mobile have made it more accessible to place bets wherever and whenever. Bets are available for nearly every football league, which are constantly updated to give the best odds. 

This Season

Since the season is already underway, there have already been qualifying rounds and the first group stage matches. The first match days, therefore, resulted in wins from Shakhtar Donetsk, Arsenal, Barcelona and Bayern Munich. We can look forward to even more clashes with the next matchdays at the end of October, November and December. Then, the knockout stages will begin in February and end in June 2024. 

Because of the many exciting matches ahead, this gives even more reasons to access betway mobile for the best bets. While many TV channels will show the games, many matches can also be accessed via streaming, allowing live betting.  

Analysis of The Group Stage

With eight groups, a great mix of international teams is bound to clash. For group A, it doesn’t look good for the teams F.C. Copenhagen and Galatasaray. Here, it is expected for Bayern Munich and Manchester United to progress. Arsenal has been lucky in Group B, as they are playing against Sevilla, PSV Eindhoven and Lens. They should also progress. 

Things are looking different in Group F, where Newcastle will face an intense round of matches. As they return to the Champions League for the first time in 21 years, they are playing against Paris Saint Germain. Even though PSG looks to finish first place in the group, Newcastle has the chance to progress.  

The Odds

Looking more closely at the groups, these are the teams who will progress: Bayern Munich and Arsenal at -300, Real Madrid at -200, Inter Milan at -110, Atlético de Madrid at -163, PSG at -150, Manchester City at -1000 and FC Barcelona at -350.

The odds are already very much in Manchester City’s favor, as they seem to be in the pole position to win the entire league. In close pursuit are German Bayern Munich, as the odds for them as winners are currently at +500. In third place is Real Madrid, Arsenal in fourth place and Barcelona with odds of +1000. 

The Predictions 

For games like Galatasaray against Bayern Munich, Bayern Munich will take home the victory. The odds are even more evident in other games, such as whether Manchester United will win against F.C. Copenhagen. Spoiler alert: the odds for the latter team winning are currently at +1000. Manchester City is looking to become the winners, whereas others are predicting either Barcelona or PSG to become runners-up. However, there is a dark horse, as there is a chance of Arsenal taking home the trophy. 

On the other hand, it isn’t unexpected to see disappointments in teams like Newcastle United and Bayern Munich, who might not be able to perform as well. With many star players, there are many contestants for the Golden Boot. However, because he has performed so well, many expect Norwegian Erling Haaland to win the title this time and player of the season. There are many contestants for the young player of the season. However, chances are that Jude Bellingham will take that title.   

The Future of the Champions League

For the following season, 2024-25, the Champions League will look differently. This time, fans will witness a 36-team tournament instead. It will change the way the tournament has usually run. In this format, the teams are expanded to 36, where they will play eight instead of six games. The top eight teams will then advance directly to the round of 16.   

The Final Verdict 

As the season's final will conclude at Wembley Stadium in London, it will be exciting to see who will call themselves champions at the end of June. This is the eighth time we will see the best European football at the London stadium. As Manchester City won the Champions League last year, many are hoping and expecting them to become champions twice in a row. 

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