What team is Ronaldo pointing to for his next stop?
What team is Ronaldo pointing to for his next stop?@Cristiano on Twitter

What's Next for Cristiano Ronaldo: The Legend's Last Dance

The legendary Real Madrid forward appears to be contemplating a move around Europe...but where?

Following his well-publicized recent feud with Erik ten Hag, Cristiano Ronaldo's second tour with Manchester United is finished.

It is tough to predict where the Portuguese legend will eventually wind up. Speaking about odds, sports bettors must check out the Super Bowl odds to add an extra flair of thrill to their game-watching experience. 

Far from his first transfer, when Real Madrid was eager to pay handsomely for the then-24-year-old, Ronaldo's list of admirers has shrunk as he approaches his 38th birthday. The legendary Real Madrid forward appears to be contemplating a move around Europe...but where?

Staying in English League?

Only Manchester City, who already have Erling Haaland, can afford him in the Premier League. Chelsea is said to be keen, but experts believe he would have to take a wage cut to sign with them. Todd Boehly, the new owner, is thought to be looking for a big name, and Ronaldo would undoubtedly be that.

It remains to be determined how things will play out tactically. Graham Potter, the club's new manager, prefers his team to play on the front foot. A lethal striker like Ronaldo could be excellent. 

However, the same issues that occurred at United are sure to reoccur the moment Potter decides to leave him out of the squad, so it's not worth the bother to jeopardize having a player who opposes his authority.

A Dream Team: Messi And Ronaldo Together!

Only one French club, Paris Saint-Germain, could sign Ronaldo. And you'd think they wouldn't. Lionel Messi, Neymar, and Kylian Mbappe are already on the team. These three are, of course, costly.

Even if history has taught us never to say never, PSG signing Ronaldo would be unprecedented. It would put too many players in the forward for a club – and a president – who stated last summer that the mindset had shifted.

While the thought of Messi and Ronaldo playing together is amazing, it might just be fiction at best! 

Entering the German League?

To be honest, there are just two clubs in Germany that are significant and consistent enough to attract Ronaldo: Bayern Munich and Dortmund. However, Ronaldo's chances of playing in the Bundesliga remain slim.

Bayern CEO Oliver Kahn remarked that while Ronaldo's presence will increase promotion and prominence in the league, they have denied the idea.

Hans-Joachim Watzke, Dortmund's managing director, is not interested in signing Ronaldo. Ronaldo playing in the Bundesliga anytime soon would be a massive surprise.

A Spanish Return?

Many rumors had him signing for Atletico Madrid last summer to compete in the Champions League. Experts believe he was close to a deal for Real Madrid's local rivals at one point.

Despite his age, Cristiano Ronaldo is still a championship-caliber player who desires to compete in the Champions League. Still, no Spanish club can afford to pay his contract.

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