Top favorites to win the FIFA 2022 World Cup

Odds for the countries most likely to win, including Brazil, France, etc. Can England win the cup for the queen?
The FIFA World Cup is coming in late Fall.
The FIFA World Cup is coming in late Fall.

It is World Cup season and the odds for the tournament have been cooked by the various bookmakers and laid in a buffet style for bettors to gobble up.

The risk takers have already started placing their bets while some others are carefully following the news around each participating team to help them make a good decision.

This article presents the odds on World Cup 2022 favourites before you to study and make an informed decision ahead of the most anticipated tournament in football history.


The number one ranked team in the world, Brazil, are the odds on favourite to win the 2022 FIFA World Cup. If they do, it will be the sixth time in their illustrious football history to clinch the trophy.

They already hold the record for the most wins, having won five trophies, with the last being in 2002. 20 years after their last triumph, they are back as favourites for the trophy and have been backed heavily by bookmakers to succeed.

They have been backed at 9/2 with a chance score of 18 percent for the title come December 18, 2022 and from a sporting angle, it is hard to see another victor.


The Three Lions of England have only one World Cup in their illustrious football history, which they won in 1966. Decades later, they have emerged as second favourites for the title after some strong performances.

Semi-finalists at the 2018 tournament and finalists at the European Championship, which is the biggest preview to the FIFA World Cup, Gareth Southgate's boys will have all the reasons in the world to prove they are not nearly-men.

They have been backed at 11/2 with a chance score of 15 percent for the title come December 18, 2022. This is a big improvement from the odds initially ascribed to them after the World Cup draws were announced in April.


The current holders and two-time winners of the trophy, France, are billed as the third favourite to win the 2022 World Cup. This is a drop from their initial placement as the second favourite team to win the tournament.

France have recently bagged another title in the time period between the 2018 World Cup and the upcoming 2022 World Cup. However, their team balance is a bit of a worry because of the new influx of talents. Manager Didier Deschamps has a task on his hands.

France have been backed at 6/1 with a chance score of 14 percent, not too far from England. They're a strong backing as odds on World Cup 2022 favourite.


Two-time World Cup winners and the country that blessed us with talents like Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi, Argentina, are billed as the fourth odds on World Cup favourites to win the tournament.

Their odds became improved after their most recent victory over Italy in the UEFA-CONMEBOL Finalissima. They have also gone on a 32-match unbeaten run, which is the longest unbeaten run in international football. On the strength of this run, they are high up as potential winners of the competition.

They have been backed at 7/1 with a chance score of 13 percent for the title come December 22, 2018.


2010 World Cup winners Spain have had a turbulent time since their last and only World Cup win to date, but are gradually regaining their pedigree as one of the most talented teams in world football.

They are the fifth odds on favourite for the title, but they face quite the hurdle to that title in Qatar. They have been grouped with Germany, another odds on favourite for the title, as well as Japan and Costa Rica. Many have primed their group up to be the group of death which is already the toughest hurdle for teams in the tournament.

They have been backed at 8/1 with a chance score of 11 percent to win the title. As a betting option, it is a risk, but it is not a heavy risk.

Other favourites to win

Germany are just behind their group mates Spain as odds on World Cup 2022 favourites. They have been backed at 10/1 with a nine percent chance score for the tournament. This puts them in dark horse territory which is quite the downgrade for the four-time winners.

Portugal and The Netherlands are backed at 12/1 for the title, and Belgium, the world number two team, are backed at 14/1.

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