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Harry Kane is Happy at Tottenham, Conte Says

One of the world's top strikers, deals with controversy at Tottenham Hotspur.

With the Premier League’s 31st season in its 5th week, many football fans and punters are preparing for the latest iteration of the most popular (and in the eyes of many, greatest) football league in the world. So far, the top teams that have stood out are Arsenal (taking the number 1 spot), Manchester City (at number 2), and Tottenham Hotspur, who stand at the third spot with 3 wins and 1 draw.

Tottenham Hotspur is one of England’s top tier teams, and to prove it they compete in the top flight of English football. And not just do they compete, but they frequently manage to push themselves to the top of the list. As we said, this year, they are at the third spot (with chances of progressing higher through the ranks).

It is because of their past accomplishments that the Spurs are often considered a fan favorite on the various soccer betting apps, and are among England’s favorite and most beloved clubs. Though the club has never won the league, they are home to one of England’s top players today, Harry Kane.

Who is Harry Kane?

One of England’s most well-known players today, Kane is a striker for Tottenham Hotspur. However, he is much more well-known as the captain of the English national football team. By many international fans of the game he is considered the greatest striker in the world, or at least among the top. And Harry Kane certainly lives up to this title, considering he is The Spurs’ second best all-time top goal scorer, and the third best in the whole of the Premier League.

When it comes to the Premier League in on-going season, Kane hugely contributed to the powerful start of the Spurs. However, the 2022/23 season comes off of the back of a controversial 2021/22 season, during which Harry Kane expressed interest to leave the club and got into a huge to-do with Daniel Levy, the club’s chairman.

What is the Controversy?

Supposedly, Harry Kane and Daniel Levy had had a “gentleman’s agreement”, which dictated that Kane would be allowed to leave the club in the summer of 2022. As it turns out, Levy was not too keen to let one of his best players walk, and the agreement was not honored. Reportedly, Levy even rejected Manchester City’s offer of £100+ million.

Understandably, Kane was upset. He refused to show up for certain club events, including pre-season training. He also refused to play the first two matches of the 2021/22 season. Harry finally got back into the game against the Wolverhampton Wanderers. After the match, he announced he would be staying with the Tottenham Hotspurs.


With all of this controversy behind them, many are asking, how did it resolve? And the answer is “we don’t know”. When he announced his decision to stay with the Spurs, many reporters remarked that Kane was “understandably upset”. If he carries any animosity, he hasn’t let it stain his performance.

Harry Kane has been giving it his all on the field currently, scoring a goal against Chelsea in the London Derby. He is a big part of Hotspur’s success and one of the players that is most responsible for pushing the club to the third spot.

The question now remains, whether this will finally be Tottenham Hotspur’s year. The chance is always there, however, chances to get Arsenal are questionable. Still, anything is possible, especially when you have players like Harry Kane on your side.

Final Thoughts

Antonio Conte, Tottenham’s manager and one of the most accomplished football managers of all time, has stated that Harry Kane is very happy with Tottenham Hotspur. Conte claims that he hopes the player will decide to stay on with the Spurs, and if Kane’s performance is anything to go by, he certainly does not seem to be in a bad headspace. Spurs fans all over the country are behind Conte, hoping that the club’s star player will decide to extend his contract with the team.

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