Football: The All-Time Favorite Sport Statistics and Facts
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Football: The All-Time Favorite Sport Statistics and Facts

How big is the market and tips on betting.

There is hardly any doubt that football (soccer in the U.S.) is the most closely followed sport, and based on the available data, the number of its fans exceeds 3.5 billion people. It firmly holds first place also in terms of betting interest, and the number of football fans that take on bookies is steadily on the rise.

No other sport attracts such an overwhelming betting interest as football does, and bookmakers are looking to guarantee that they will offer sufficient coverage of as many international and domestic events as possible to respond to the preferences of avid fans. Keep on reading below in order to learn more about football or head over to sporting pedia where you will find in-depth information on the topic, including some interesting football strategies.

Growth of the Football Industry

As mentioned already, football is the most spectator sport in the world, and unsurprisingly, during the football season 2018/19, the size of the market was estimated at almost $29 billion. What is interesting to point out is that approximately €3 billion of all profits were produced by the UEFA Champions League alone.

Ligue 1, La Liga, Bundesliga, Premier League, and Serie A are the most closely followed and prestigious football leagues and are all held in Europe, generating a huge part of all revenues. In fact, the projections for this year are that these five competitions will generate around €18 billion.

The lion’s share of the revenues is normally produced by the Premier League, and according to the projections for the current season, it will generate around €6.2 billion, which is approximately €2 billion more than the revenues the second and third-ranking leagues are expected to produce. It is followed by the Spanish La Liga, which is expected to produce around €3.7 billion during the current season. The revenues of Bundesliga are projected to amount to €3.2 billion, while Italy’s Seria A is expected to deliver around €2.7 billion. France’s Ligue 1 occupies the last position in the charts, and the forecasts indicate that it will produce around €1.7 billion.

As you might expect, the figures for season 2019/20 indicate that there was a slump in the revenues of all of the above-mentioned top-tier leagues. The most significant drop is observed in the revenues of the Premier League, as when compared to the figures for season 2018/19, the decrease was around €1 billion.

In terms of attendance, Germany’s Bundesliga has been leading the way from 2005 onwards. Interestingly enough, Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund are among the teams that make most fans flock to stadiums.

Contrary to what some football fans might expect, England’s Premier League is not the competition, which holds first place in terms of average attendance. In essence, there is a simple explanation why the Premier League is not taking the lead in the attendance rankings as in Germany, the standing terraces make it possible for more visitors to watch their favorite games.

Is Betting on Football Worth It

Football attracts huge audiences not only in stadiums and in front of the TV, but also to the websites of bookies. There are numerous reasons why wagering on football is such a widespread form of recreation, and above all, it is widely available, which is among the 40 football facts not many people pay attention to. As it turns out, football fans are much more inclined to go for betting on their favorite sport when compared to fans of other of the most closely followed sports. Is it possible to predict football results is a question many punters ask themselves.

Something, which works to the advantage of football fans is that it is hardly unlikely for them to stumble upon a bookmaker, be it a web-based or brick-and-mortar one, which does not offer lines for such events. This is incredibly important as with some rather rare sports, punters might have a hard time finding a bookie, which offers lines for them.

Another reason why wagering on football is worth considering as an option is that punters are spoiled for choice in terms of the competitions to bet on as such are held at almost all corners of the globe. Along with the above-mentioned major leagues, gambling enthusiasts will have a number of other competitions and events to bet on, as some bookies go the extra mile and cover all domestic championships, thus keeping their users covered at all times.

Another compelling reason why betting on football might be punters’ best bet is that the available information is more than sufficient. Football fans have nothing to complain about when it comes to the availability of statistics and live results as normally, getting access to such information is a breeze.

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