New York Rangers Head to Eastern Conference Finals: Betting on the Blueshirts

The New York Rangers dominating the Carolina Hurricanes makes them the hottest bet for the Stanley Cup. Here's why they're an excellent bet going forward.
New York Rangers Head to Eastern Conference Finals: Betting on the Blueshirts
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The New York Rangers have advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals, and the buzz among hockey fans and sports bettors is undeniably electric.

After a comeback victory over the Carolina Hurricanes in the third period of Thursday night’s game, the Rangers are now just a series away from potentially hoisting the Stanley Cup.

With odds currently set at +320 for the Rangers to win it all, they present an intriguing bet for those looking to capitalize on their recent momentum.

Overcoming the Odds: Rangers' Journey So Far

The Rangers' path to the Eastern Conference Finals has been nothing short of dramatic.

After grabbing the Presidents Trophy, they swept the Washington Capitals in the first round and managed to close out the Hurricanes in six games, despite a few hiccups along the way.

Chris Kreider's third-period hat trick in Game 6 against Carolina was the most important aspect of the series, showcasing the resilience and competitive spirit of the Broadway Blueshirts.

Despite their initial dominance, the Rangers hit a rough patch, struggling to maintain their unbeaten streak. They faced their toughest opponent yet in the Hurricanes, who almost forced a Game 7. However, Kreider's heroics ensured the Rangers' advancement, highlighting why they are a team to watch in the betting landscape.

With each win the Rangers are showing why the odds are wrong. They’re simply dominant.

Breaking Down the Current Odds for the Stanley Cup

As the Rangers gear up for the Eastern Conference Finals, their odds from the major sportsbooks like Bet365 and BetMGM to win the Stanley Cup are at +320.

This places them slightly behind the Dallas Stars (+300) and the Florida Panthers (+310), indicating that we’re in for a tight race.

Here's a closer look at these odds and what they signify—

  1. Dallas Stars (+300). Currently the favorites, the Stars have shown consistent performance throughout the playoffs beating out the Vegas Golden Knights in the first round and on their way to beating out the Avalanche. Their depth and defensive prowess make them a tough competitor.

  2. Florida Panthers (+310). The Panthers have been a surprise package we weren’t expecting to make it this far, delivering strong performances and upsetting strong teams. Their odds reflect their dangerous potential to go deep into the playoffs.

  3. New York Rangers (+320). The Rangers' odds are competitive, reflecting their strong postseason run so far. They highlight the sports betting community's belief in their potential to go all the way.

  4. Edmonton Oilers (+900). And then we have the Oilers, who the odds are saying they’ll surpass the Canucks despite being behind 3-2 in the series. Nonetheless, it’s a big jump after #3.

The Conference Semifinals are blazing hot right now. Over the next couple of days, the rest of the Conference Finals picture will be visible, with the NY Rangers leading the way. So, are the odds right?

Why Betting on the Rangers is a Smart Move

They might be 3rd overall when it comes to odds, but odds are constantly moving and evolving. We think they’re the team to beat, and here’s why.

Momentum and Resilience on the Ice

The Rangers have demonstrated significant resilience, bouncing back from several challenging situations so far in the NHL Playoffs.

Their ability to perform under pressure, as seen in their series-clinching victory against the Hurricanes, bodes well for their upcoming matchups. Momentum is a critical factor in the playoffs, and the Rangers seem to have it on their side. 

Of all of the teams in the hunt, they’ll also get the most rest, again, as they did going from the first round to the second round.

Strong ATS Performance

One of the most compelling reasons to consider betting on the Rangers is their performance against the spread (ATS). They lead the playoffs with 15.07 units ATS, showcasing their ability to not only win but also cover spreads consistently.

This is an important, yet often overlooked metric for bettors, indicating that the Rangers often exceed expectations.

They’ve been hot and they’ll continue to be hot. We think they’ll easily handle either Florida or Boston, whoever comes out of the Conference Semifinals.

Key Players Stepping Up

Chris Kreider's performance in the critical moments of Game 6 against the Hurricanes is just another prime example of the Rangers' star players rising to the occasion.

Alongside Kreider, players like Mika Zibanejad and Artemi Panarin have been pivotal throughout the playoffs racking up 14 and 11 points respectively so far.

Goaltender Igor Shesterkin has also been a brick wall between the pipes, making crucial saves when needed and putting together a .923 save percentage up to this point.

This combination of offensive firepower and defensive reliability makes the Rangers the team to beat if any other teams think they’re getting the Stanley Cup.

Challenges Ahead

Yes, the Rangers are the real deal, but that’s not to say the rest of the pack isn’t going to give them a fight.

Tough Competition

The path to the Stanley Cup is never easy for any team, and the Rangers will face tough opponents in the Eastern Conference Finals and potentially in the Stanley Cup Finals.

Whether it's the Florida Panthers or Boston Bruins in the Conference Finals or the Dallas Stars in the Stanley Cup Finals, all of the remaining teams pose significant threats with their balanced rosters and high-octane offenses.

Consistency Concerns

While the Rangers have shown resilience, they have also displayed moments of inconsistency.

Their struggle to close out the series against the Hurricanes after leading 3-0 is a reminder that they need to maintain their focus and performance levels throughout the entire game. 

We knew the ‘Canes were going to be tough, but taking the series out to game 6 after a 3-0 rush is a tough pill to swallow for any team.

Any lapses can be costly in the high-stakes environment of the playoffs, and they were close to dropping the ball on this one.

Injuries and Depth

Injuries are an inevitable part of the playoffs, and the Rangers are no exception.

Managing player fitness and ensuring depth across all lines will be crucial. Fortunately, the Rangers are a fairly healthy team with no players on the injury list. Hopefully, they can keep it this way.

The physical toll of deep playoff runs can impact performance, and having a healthy roster is essential for success.

Betting Strategy: How to Approach Bets on the Rangers

Given the Rangers' current odds and their performance so far, here are some betting strategies we think are the best ones.

Futures Bet on the Stanley Cup

With odds at +320, placing a futures bet on the Rangers to win the Stanley Cup offers a solid potential return. Their momentum and strong ATS performance make them a viable contender.

We’re thinking their odds will shift slightly over the next 48 hours, so if you want the biggest bang for your buck, you better make this bet now.

Game-by-Game Bets

Betting on individual games, especially focusing on the Rangers covering the spread, can be one of the best ways to bring in a quick win.

Given their ATS performance, this approach allows bettors to capitalize on their consistency in exceeding expectations. Of course, they’ll be playing either Florida or Boston next, so we’ll see who comes out on top in that series.

Player Prop Bets

Player Prop Bets on the NY Rangers

Given the standout performances from players like Kreider and Shesterkin, consider placing prop bets on individual player achievements. You really can’t go wrong with the boys in blue, as they’re absolutely fire right now.

Whether it's Kreider scoring goals or Shesterkin making a high number of saves, these bets can offer good value regardless of who they’re playing.

Get Your Bets in on the Rangers in the Conference Finals

The New York Rangers have shown they are a team capable of great things in this year's playoffs.

Their journey to the Eastern Conference Finals, marked by several stellar performances, has made them a strong contender for the Stanley Cup.

With odds at +320, betting on the Rangers offers a decent opportunity for those looking to capitalize on their postseason momentum. Sure, placing that bet when the Rangers were at +1400 for the opener would’ve been better, but this is where we’re at.

While they face significant challenges ahead, their strong ATS performance and key player contributions make them a smart bet in the tight race for the Cup.

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