Edmonton Oilers Look to Triumph in the Western Conference Final

Edmonton Oilers Look to Triumph in the Western Conference Final

Will the Oilers cruise past the Canucks and topple either Dallas or Colorado? We think so, and here's why.

The NHL Playoffs are well into Round 2, but we're putting a spotlight on the Western Conference Finals. This is where the Edmonton Oilers are emerging as, what we believe, is the dominant contender.

Having already showcased their resilience and skill in the regular season and now Round 1 against the Los Angeles Kings, the Oilers are well-positioned to clinch the Western Conference Final and seal it with a victory over either the Dallas Stars or the Colorado Avalanche. 

Overcoming Early Season Challenges

The Oilers' season didn't start as anticipated, with a terrible early record leading to a significant coaching change in November. The Oilers went 2-10 in their first 12 games, which to us, appeared as if all hope was lost for the playoffs. We wrote them off, as did many fans.

But all of that changed halfway into the season.

The introduction of Kris Knoblauch on November 13th as head coach and Paul Coffey as assistant coach turned the tide. Post-changes, the team secured a stunning 46-18-5 record, underscoring their adaptability and determination to make it to the playoffs. They did it, and now they're here. This is something we truly never seen coming.

Playoff Momentum Through Round 2

In the playoffs, the Oilers continued to build on their wild regular-season momentum, decisively defeating the Los Angeles Kings 4-1 in round 1. Key players like Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl have been nothing short of spectacular (as to be expected), with Draisaitl contributing significantly both offensively and defensively with 5 goals, 5 assists, and a +2.

Edmonton's special teams have been particularly impressive, boasting a power play success rate of 45% and a 100% penalty kill rate during their first playoff series. As history has shown us, capitalizing on the power play and the penalty kill is essential to going all the way.

Strategic Depth and Leadership

While most want to naturally hail the best players on the team such as Connor McDavid, the Oilers' depth extends beyond their star players.

Stuart Skinner has proven a reliable asset in the net, showing an insane improvement from last season. He boasted a 2.62 goals-against average in the regular season with a slightly better 2.59 GAA in the post season so far.

The defensive strategies put into play by the coaching staff have evidently paid dividends, allowing Edmonton to maintain control even in high-pressure situations. The Oilers allowed only 13 goals over 5 games and even notched a shutout win in game 4.

If they can keep this momentum with the defense and leveraging undervalued players, this team could be unstoppable through the Western Conference Finals.

Facing the Vancouver Canucks

In the Western Conference Second Round, the Oilers face a challenging opponent in the Vancouver Canucks. The Canucks finished the season at the top of the Pacific Division with a 50-23-9 overall record.

Despite losing the season series, the Oilers have shown significant improvement and retooled where necessary that could turn the tide in the playoffs.

This isn't to say that the Oilers will take the Canucks in a 4 game sweep as Vancouver will definitely give them a run for their money, but we think with the strides the Oilers have made thus far, they'll take the Canucks in 6 (that's our prediction).

Looking Ahead to the Conference Final

Should they advance past Vancouver, which we believe they will, the Oilers will face either Dallas or Colorado.

Both teams present unique challenges, but Edmonton's high-powered offense and robust defensive plays position them well to handle what comes their way.

Dallas, despite a strong finish against the Golden Knights and boasting a season record of 52-21-9 and grabbing the 1st seed in the Central Division, and Colorado, rejuvenated by strategic acquisitions, will need to contend with the Oilers' dynamic and aggressive gameplay.

Despite the challenge, we're confident that Edmonton will take out either team and promptly move onto the Stanley Cup Finals.

Are the Oilers the Real Deal?

With their blend of veteran experience, youthful energy, and strategic depth, the Edmonton Oilers can dominate throughout the rest of the playoffs. Should they make it to the Stanley Cup Finals, they'll be an epic challenge for any of the remaining teams in the East — Rangers, Hurricanes, Panthers, or Bruins.

Their path to the cup reflects a team that has not only found its rhythm but is also peaking at the right moment. That is so critical in a game that sees teams ebb and flow throughout the season.

As the playoffs progress, Edmonton's blend of skill, strategy, and spirit makes them the team to watch and what we believe will be the likely victors of the Western Conference Final.

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