Odds of the Colorado Avalanche Winning the Stanley Cup After a Round 1 Triumph

Odds of the Colorado Avalanche Winning the Stanley Cup After a Round 1 Triumph

Heading into round 2 of the NHL playoffs will be a challenge for the Avs, but the odds are showing that they stand a good chance regardless of who they're up against.

The Colorado Avalanche have advanced to the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs following a decisive 6-3 victory over the Winnipeg Jets, wrapping up the series in just five games. 

As the Avalanche gear up for their next challenge against either the Dallas Stars or the Vegas Golden Knights, we're going to take a look at how they shape up to win Lord Stanley's Cup.

Current Odds for the Avs to Win it All

As the first team in the Western Conference to move up to round 2 of the NHL playoffs, Colorado's odds are looking pretty good to win it all. Here are the current odds by the various online sportsbooks for them to get their names engraved into history.

  • Opener: +800

  • Caesars: +540

  • Bet365: +550

  • BetRivers: +425

  • FanDuel: +600

  • DraftKings: +550

Obviously, the odds are moving in their favor. If we were to place a futures bet on the Avs right now, we'd look to place it at FanDuel. 

Don't have a FanDuel account? Don't worry, we got you. Right now they have an excellent bonus: Bet $5 and get $150 — guaranteed!

We totally expect these odds to fluctuate a bit depending on whether the Stars or Knights advance to the next round. We'll keep you updated.

A High-Scoring Series Sets the Tone

The odds are one thing, but how did the Avs get here? They weren't the first seed in the conference. Instead, they were the third seed in the Central Division, but they did have a 107-point season.

As for the first round, the Avalanche's performance against the Jets made a statement to the rest of the teams in the hunt. Outscoring Winnipeg 28-15 in the series, Colorado demonstrated a potent offensive that intimidates any defense in the league.

Mikko Rantanen came out as one of the key players from the bench, scoring his first two goals of the playoffs in game 3 to break a tie and pave the road to victory. His performance, coupled with the sticks from Nathan MacKinnon, Valeri Nichushkin, and others, highlights the depth and talent of the Avalanche's offensive lineup.

Momentum from Round 1

The Avalanche are looking to carry over the momentum they've been brewing throughout round 1 and hopefully it helps them in round 2.

"The best hockey we've played for five games in a row all season long," commented Colorado's coach Jared Bednar. This statement underlines the team's current form and momentum.

Historically, teams that enter the second round with such dominance tend to maintain a high level of play, and the Avalanche are no exception. Their ability to kick their game into overdrive under playoff pressure is a huge factor in their favor, which is probably why their odds of winning it all have increased by so much.

The Road Ahead: Potential Matchups

As they wait to face the winner of the Dallas Stars vs. Vegas Golden Knights matchup (currently at 3 to 2 in favor of the Stars), the Avalanche's chances will depend quite a bit on their next opponent. The odds are that the Stars will win that series at -110, but we wouldn't be surprised if the reigning NHL champions give the Stars a run for their money and advance to the next round.

Both potential matchups pose unique challenges and opportunities for the Avs.

The Golden Knights' aggressive style will most likely test the Avalanche's defense, while the Stars' strategic game could turn the series into a messy battle, stretching out the round 2 series to a full seven games.

Preparation and strategy adjustments will be essential if the Avs want to continue onto the Western Conference Final. You can bet they're watching the Dallas and Vegas series very closely.

Can the Avalanche Go All the Way?

Considering their current form, depth, and the extremely high level of play they've demonstrated so far, the Colorado Avalanche are showing the rest of the NHL that they're a serious contender for the Stanley Cup.

With their potent offense, unstoppable goaltending, and strategic flexibility, they have all the components needed to hoist the cup over their heads in Denver, and at +425 odds from BetRivers, they seem to think so, too.

As they progress into the second round and beyond, maintaining momentum and managing the physical and mental demands of back-to-back high-stakes series will be essential. The road won't be easy no matter who they play in round 2.

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