Betting on the New York Rangers and Florida Panthers to Win the Stanley Cup

Betting on the New York Rangers and Florida Panthers to Win the Stanley Cup

The Eastern Conference playoff picture is starting to come together; so, how do the betting odds look for these two teams?

The quest for the Cup continues as Florida is the second team to make it to the next round alongside the NY Rangers. Both teams have not only survived the first round but have done so with convincing victories. 

So, how does this affect their odds?  They're still not the #1 favorite to win it all (more on that in a moment), but they're proving they're contenders for the Cup. 

While the Eastern Conference seems to be shaping up quickly, we'll hold off on the editorials regarding the Western Conference until some of the teams make it out of the first round.

Rangers and Panthers — Current Odds and Implications

The betting odds for the Stanley Cup often tell a story beyond just numbers and this year's NHL playoff race is no different.

Currently, the Florida Panthers are pegged at +500 to win the Cup, while the New York Rangers are slightly behind at +700.

These odds position them as strong contenders, though not outright favorites, a role that currently belongs to the Carolina Hurricanes at +470. The Hurricanes have held the favorite spot for the Cup since the playoffs began last week.

However, the odds are a dynamic indicator of confidence from sportsbooks and bettors, influenced heavily by recent performances and historical matchups. Just the other day, Carolina was a +420, and now they've been bumped up to +470, which happens to be right after the Panthers made the second round. So, what does that mean about the Panthers?

The Panthers, in an undeniable victory, ousted the Tampa Bay Lightning with a 4-1 series win, finally overcoming a team that had previously thwarted their last three playoff campaigns.

Key players like Aleksander Barkov and Carter Verhaege stepping up, combined with Sergei Bobrovsky's solid goaltending, have significantly boosted their odds.

As for the north side of the east coast, the Rangers' clean sweep of the Washington Capitals at 4-0 showcases their playoff readiness and defensive solidity, making their current odds seem potentially undervalued. However, the Capitals barely made the playoffs in the first place, so that might have something to do with the current odds.

Betting on What's Next

Both the Rangers and Panthers have demonstrated qualities in the playoffs that go beyond what regular season metrics can capture.

For the Panthers, the victory over the Lightning was not just a series win but a psychological triumph. Players like Barkov and Verhaege have been pivotal, with Barkov's leadership and clutch scoring being critical.

The addition of Matthew Tkachuk has also paid dividends, providing not just points but an aggressive edge that has been transformative.

To top all of that off, they're heading into round 2 with a home-ice advantage, which can be enough to push them past the Bruins or the Maple Leafs — whoever ends up making it.

On the other hand, the Rangers have benefited from a balanced attack and smoking-hot goaltending from Igor Shesterkin.

Their ability to shut down opponents and control games has been evident against the Capitals. Though, as we mentioned, could be a fluke, but the Rangers have been hot all season so maybe it is not.

The team's depth players stepping up in big moments has allowed their star players to play without the burden of carrying the team single-handedly.

Catch the Games

These are the upcoming games for the Eastern Conference. Either of these games could see either the Bruins or the 'Canes advance to the next round.

  • Toronto Maple Leafs at Boston Bruins: 7:00 PM EST

  • New York Islanders at Carolina Hurricanes: 7:30 PM EST

Beat the Odds

Don't miss out on the best odds on these games from across the sports betting industry. Right now, these are the sportsbooks that are offering the best odds for each of the teams playing tonight.

  • Toronto Maple Leafs, +140 at DraftKings

  • Boston Bruins, -164 at FanDuel

  • New York Islanders, +210 at DraftKings

  • Carolina Hurricanes, -250 at BetRivers

While you're at it, you wouldn't want to miss out on some of the best bonus offers from these bookmakers, either.

Betting Strategies and Considerations

When betting on teams like the Rangers and Panthers, considering their path to the Cup is often undervalued.

The Panthers' ability to conquer long-standing rivals and the Rangers' dominance in the first round are both indicators of their potential to go deep in the playoffs.

However, bettors should keep an eye on the outcomes of other series, particularly how the Bruins and Hurricanes fare, as these could affect the dynamics of future matchups. We're fairly confident Boston and Carolina will finish up their first round tonight and move on to either the Panthers or the Islanders, respectively.

For those looking to place bets, researching prop bets on players like Barkov or Shesterkin for the Conn Smythe Trophy (Playoff MVP) could offer value.

Both are essential to their teams' successes and their performances in key moments could sway odds in their favor.

Keep following us as we'll continue to drop big names to place over/under proposition bets on in future games.

Ready to Place Your Bets?

The lengthy trip to the Stanley Cup is filled with unpredictability and intense competition as the first round has shown us so far.

The strong starts of the New York Rangers and Florida Panthers in the playoffs have set them up as the top contenders.

Their current odds reflect a mixture of past achievements and future potential.

For bettors, these odds offer a glimpse into what the sports books and other sports bettors view their playoff success. 

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