BoopProps: It's a Tuesday Phillies/Flyers parlay with HRs from Harper, Hoskins paired with goals from Hayes, Giroux and more
Philadelphia Flyers right wing Jakub Voracek (93) celebrates his goal against the Montreal Canadiens with Sean Couturier (14) during the first period of Game 3 of an NHL hockey playoff first-round series Sunday, Aug. 16, 2020, in Toronto. Frank Gunn/The Canadian Press via AP

BoopProps: It's a Tuesday Phillies/Flyers parlay with HRs from Harper, Hoskins paired with goals from Hayes, Giroux and more

Games are at 7 pm and 7:05 pm EDT.

Even though we didn’t cash, we had a lot of fun rooting for our Phillies/Flyers Home Run/Goal Parlays Sunday night, especially after Rhys Hoskins homered early and opened up a lot of cash-in possibilities.

Alas, the Flyers’ offense – or lack thereof – left all those tickets on the betting room floor.

So, with the Orange-and-Black backs up against the wall (down 3-1 to the Islanders) we will go at it again, with a twist. Instead of three Phillies and three Flyers and all such combinations, we will go with two and five (10 combos).

Our Phils will be Bryce Harper and Hoskins to homer. Hoskins is finally scorching hot and, well, it is the Nationals, so Harper may hit one 500 feet. But we will skip on J.T. Realmuto and instead add two additional Flyers.

For the most part, we went with the best odds up for the home run hitter. That would be the +370 for Harper at FanDuel and +400 at DraftKings for Hoskins. We did use DK for a couple of Harper’s bets since their Flyers goal odds for that player made it a better parlay.

It only seems that Claude Giroux’s last playoff goal was so long ago it may very well have been assisted by Bobby Clarke, but we still put him back in the mix. He’s like a bad penny we keep turning up hoping it turns into a silver dollar.

Travis Konecny is also on the playoff schneid, but he is the only Flyer whose best goal odds were at FanDuel, so that merges nicely with Harper. Veterans Jake Voracek and Kevin Hayes have rung the bell a couple of times each in the postseason, so those get on the betting slip.

And Tyler Pitlick had a goal in the close-out game against the Canadiens as well as another tally two games ago against the Isles. He gives us a little better odds than the other four Fly Guys. Plus, we just like hearing his name on the broadcast.

Lastly, we point out the Phillies are on a 8-4-1 Over run the last two weeks while the Flyers have have been running Under (2-8-3). We’re going to take a couple of Alternate Lines – better odds on the Phillies Over and higher line on the Flyers Under − and drop another parlay down on that.

● ● ●


$5/$86.65 . . . Giroux Goal (+1733 FD)

$5/$84.30 . . . Konecny Goal (+1686 FD)

$5/$93.70 . . . Voracek Goal (+1874 FD)

$5/$88.50 . . . Hayes Goal (+1770 DK)

$5/$154.35 . . . Pitlick Goal (+3087 DK)

● ● ●


$5/$95.00 . . . Giroux Goal (+1900 DK)

$5/$88.75 . . . Konecny Goal (+1775 DK)

$5/$105.00 . . . Voracek Goal (+2100 DK)

$5/$105.00 . . . Hayes Goal (+2100 DK)

$5/$182.50 . . . Pitlick Goal (+3650 DK)

● ● ●

PARLAY ($10/$28.70)

Over 9.5 (+145) . . . Phillies-Nationals

Under 5.5 (-175) . . . Flyers-Islanders

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