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NHL: Ducks & Penguins - Monday, 7 pm ET


Craig Dietel

Craig Dietel

Ducks +150, Penguins -170


The Penguins have won their last 2 games and the Ducks have won their last 3, so someone’s going to get bumped out of the winning column. We believe that team is going to be Pittsburgh. The Ducks have been very successful against Eastern Conference opponents this year, sporting a 9-3-2 record. The Penguins will also be without D Kris Letang who is day-to-day with a lower body injury. Letang is a workhorse on the backend for the Pens and will surely be missed. We believe the Ducks will be able to exploit the holes on the Penguins defense and, even if the Penguins have above average goaltending for the evening, the Ducks still should be able to break through and continue dominating the teams of the east.

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