NFL Bloodlines: The Next Generation of Football Royalty Is Here

NFL Bloodlines: The Next Generation of Football Royalty Is Here

Three Names to Watch During the NFL Draft Are Looking to Make Dynasties

The 2024 NFL Draft is buzzing with excitement, as it does every year, but this year, it features emerging talents with familiar last names. Notably, this year's draft spotlight shines on Marvin Harrison Jr., Frank Gore Jr., and Joe Alt, each carrying a legacy tied to their NFL-star fathers.

Here's where these young stars are projected to go in the draft, what teams might pick them up, and what the odds are for betting on them.

Marvin Harrison Jr.

  • Father: Marvin Harrison (WR, Indianapolis Colts)

  • Potential Draft Team: Arizona Cardinals

  • Top 5 Odds: -2000

Marvin Harrison Jr. is a standout wide receiver from Ohio State. He is not just a chip off the old block but a burgeoning star in his own right.

Frankly, we think that would be pretty difficult to do, given the star power his dad brings to NFL circles.

His draft stock has been on a steady rise, and he's widely projected to be a top-five pick or even better, depending on what teams need. Though Sr. was picked at #19 in 1996, we think Jr. stands a solid chance of beating out his dad.

The consensus among numerous mock drafts points to Harrison Jr. likely landing with the Arizona Cardinals as the No. 4 overall pick. Between Harrison Jr. and their star TE Trey McBride, the Cardinals are preparing to be a tour de force when it comes to the air game.

His combination of size, speed, and skill makes him a coveted asset for any team looking to bolster their receiving corps, and pairing him with his former Ohio State teammate Paris Johnson Jr., who the Cardinals picked in the previous draft, could be a tantalizing prospect for Arizona​.

Frank Gore Jr.

  • Father: Frank Gore (RB, San Francisco 49ers)

  • Potential Draft Team: Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, Atlanta Falcons

  • Top 5 Odds: Unlisted

Frank Gore Jr., stepping out from the shadow of his father's illustrious NFL career, has carved out his own path as a dynamic running back at Southern Miss.

You can't have a conversation about NFL running backs without bringing up the future Hall of Famer Frank Gore. Is there a chance Jr. can live up to his dad's name? Time will tell.

While not as high on draft boards as Harrison or even his father (drafted #65 in 2003), Gore Jr. has shown enough potential and versatility to attract attention in the middle to late rounds of the draft. Many mock drafts have him between picks 150 and 200 and most likely landing in either New York (Giants), Dallas, or even Atlanta. Though, a lot can happen between the 1st pick and the 200th.

Regardless, his vision and agility, combined with a proven pedigree, make him an intriguing prospect for teams looking to add depth to their backfield.

Joe Alt

  • Father: John Alt (OT, Kansas City Chiefs)

  • Potential Draft Team: Tennessee Titans

  • Top 5 Odds: +450

Joe Alt, the son of former Kansas City Chiefs tackle John Alt, has made a name for himself as the best offensive tackle at Notre Dame and one of the best in CFB.

While his father might not have the clout that Frank Gore and Marvin Harrison do, it's worth noting that he is a two-time Pro Bowler and has been inducted into the KC Chiefs HOF.

However, Joe's impressive frame and technique have positioned him as one of the top offensive linemen in this draft class. In fact, one of the top players in the NFL Draft is more like it.

While projections in mock drafts vary, Alt is seen as a likely first-round pick, with some analysts suggesting he could go in the mid to late first round. This would make him on par with his ol' man who went at pick #21 in the 1984 draft.

Joe's ability to protect the quarterback and create running lanes will be highly attractive to any NFL team looking to strengthen their O line.

Making a Name of Their Own

As the 2024 NFL Draft approaches, the anticipation around these legacy players continues to build. Over the years, we knew that these boys were coming up through each of their respective organizations, but Thursday seems to be the day that determines if all of their hard work will pay off.

Each carries not only the weight of their familial ties but also the promise of their own potential to shape the future of their respective franchises. 

Teams like the Arizona Cardinals, with a potential pick in Marvin Harrison Jr., could see immediate impacts, while others may find hidden gems in players like Frank Gore Jr. and Joe Alt, who are eager to forge their own paths to greatness.

The legacies these players bring add yet another layer of richness and intrigue to the draft narrative, promising an exciting unfolding of careers that blend past glories with future possibilities. We can't wait to see the faces of the retirees when these boys are drafted.

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