Caleb Williams is a lock to go #1 and his (-20000) odds reflect that.
Caleb Williams is a lock to go #1 and his (-20000) odds reflect that.USC Football Twitter

5 Draft Picks You'll Want to Bet On for the 2024 NFL Draft

Find the current odds for each of our best bets at draft positions 1 through 5. Get your bets in before the draft starts on Thursday!

The excitement of the NFL Draft provides a unique thrill not only for fans but also for bettors looking to cash in on their football knowledge at some of the biggest online sportsbooks. 

With top talents coming from renowned CFB programs, the 2024 NFL Draft is shaping up to bring on some intriguing prospects. 

Most sports bettors don't think to place bets on the draft, but there is plenty of opportunity to turn a profit if you know your stuff. These are our top 5 draft picks on which you might want to consider placing bets.

This isn't meant to be an NFL Mock Draft, but instead, give you some insights as to the odds and why these players are a good bet for the teams we think they're going to.

Caleb Williams, Quarterback

  • Projected Team: Chicago Bears

  • Odds for #1: -20000 

First up, and without a doubt, the most discussed prospect is Caleb Williams from USC. 

Standing at 6'1" and weighing 215 pounds, Williams brings a stellar resume, including 3,633 passing yards and 41 touchdowns last season. 

With a confident air and a powerful arm, he is almost unanimously expected to be the first overall pick by the Chicago Bears and the odds hovering at -20,000 reflect exactly that.

Betting on Williams isn't likely to bring huge returns on your bets at those odds, given his strong likelihood of being picked by the desperate Bears, but it's as close to a sure bet as you can get in the draft.

However, if there was ever a time you wanted to hedge a bet, this next pick would be the one to do it.

Drake Maye, Quarterback

  • Projected Team: Washington Commanders

  • Odds for #2: +115

Going #2 overall in the NFL Draft, we're going with North Carolina's Drake Maye. This sophomore QB has shown immense potential with 3,608 passing yards and 33 touchdowns. Overall, that's not too bad for a second year quarterback.

Standing taller at 6'4" and 230 pounds, his physical attributes and field vision make him a hot commodity to any team needing a starting QB. Though we wish he had a bit more collegiate experience under his belt, we think the Commanders will look past that and shape him into a franchise QB.

Despite the swirling rumors of other prospects like Jayden Daniels, Maye's odds of landing with the Washington Commanders are set at +115. This offers a tempting bet for those convinced the buzz isn't just a smokescreen.

Jayden Daniels, Quarterback

  • Projected Team: New England Patriots

  • Odds for #3: +115

Jayden Daniels from LSU is another quarterback among the top prospects, known for his dual-threat capabilities.

Daniels has put up 3,812 passing yards and a whopping 50 touchdowns, complemented by 1,134 rushing yards. That's the total package!

His dynamic playstyle fits well with what the New England Patriots' need, though with Bill Belichick not at the helm, we're not sure what system the Pats will use going into 2024.

With odds at +115, Jayden represents a potentially lucrative bet, particularly if New England is looking to make a bold strategic move, which all the buzz indicates that they are.

Marvin Harrison Jr., Wide Receiver

  • Projected Team: Arizona Cardinals

  • Odds for #4: -200

Marvin Harrison Jr., a standout wide receiver from Ohio State, offers an intriguing option. 

With 67 receptions, 1,211 yards, and 15 touchdowns, his impressive stats are backed by his 6'4 ", 205-pound frame. There's no wonder he's ranked #1 among WRs in the NFL Draft.

The Arizona Cardinals, known for their preference for strong, capable receivers, are a fitting destination.

Betting on Harrison as the first WR off the board at odds of -200 could be a rewarding choice, especially for a team looking to replicate past successes with similar player types such as Larry Fitzgerald and AJ Green.

J.J. McCarthy, Quarterback

  • Projected Team: Minnesota Vikings

  • Odds for #5: +275

Rounding out our top five picks to bet on is J.J. McCarthy from Michigan, whose rank might not be the highest at 20th overall but whose potential is unmistakable. On top of that, several teams are hunting for a franchise QB and Minnesota happens to be one of them.

With 2,991 passing yards and 25 touchdowns, McCarthy's appeal lies in his accuracy and timing—qualities that the Minnesota Vikings value highly.

With Minnesota making strategic moves to secure him, the odds of +275 indicate a higher risk but also a higher potential reward, making McCarthy a tempting dark horse bet.

Grab a Bonus and Bet on the NFL Draft

While we can only speculate what players will go to what teams in the NFL Draft, one thing for sure is that all of the major sportsbooks are offering enticing bonuses.

These bonuses help you get started on the right foot, and you can even use them for the draft. So, if you're not a customer of any of these books, now's the time to sign up and use the bonus on the draft.

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There's no rule that you can only sign up for one and get the bonus, so we recommend you sign up for all five of those. Capitalize on the bonus bets and start racking up the loyalty points.

Placing Your Bets Wisely

When considering bets on the NFL Draft at online sportsbooks, you really want to weigh the odds against the potential for surprise picks and last-minute decisions by teams.

The players we discussed here provide a range of options, from nearly surefire picks like Caleb Williams to more speculative bets like JJ McCarthy.

Each player not only brings impressive statistics and skills but also fits strategically with their projected teams, which could influence draft day decisions.

Whether you're betting to win or just to add excitement to your draft day experience, these prospects offer some decent reasons to watch closely and perhaps place a few wagers.

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