“Let Russ Cook”: 3 Potential Landing Spots for Russell Wilson

“Let Russ Cook”: 3 Potential Landing Spots for Russell Wilson

Potential Landing Spots for Russell Wilson After Being Dropped from the Broncos: Steelers, Commanders, Patriots

The Denver Broncos made a rather expensive decision on Monday, March 4. The franchise cut all ties with superstar QB Russell Wilson, which will cost them around $85 million in total funds. Wilson, a 9-time Pro Bowl selection, will now enter the crazy world known as NFL free agency.

What kind of market is there for 35-year-old Russell Wilson? 39-year-old Joe Flacco proved that age is just a number last season during his nice run with the Browns, so there should be plenty of options for Wilson. Here are 3 potential landing spots for the 2013 Super Bowl champion.

1. Pittsburgh Steelers

Kenny Pickett is a gamer and he seems like a nice kid, but let’s face it: He’s not the answer at QB for the Steelers. That may be tough to admit for some Steelers fans because Pickett is a homegrown product, but it’s the truth. Bringing in an established gunslinger like Wilson would add some much-needed punch to an offense that looked quite anemic at times last season.

Sure, Mason Rudolph did an admirable job of filling in during Pickett’s injury last season, but he’s not going to restore the black and gold to its former glory days. An older QB like Wilson should fit in well with new offensive coordinator Arthur Smith, who likes to run the ball and create play-action opportunities.

The only negative about this move for Wilson would be the division. The AFC North is never easy, especially since it looks like the Ravens and the Browns aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. That being said, you’d think Wilson would like throwing the deep ball to both Diontae Johnson and George Pickens.

2. Washington Commanders

The Commanders seem pretty committed to Sam Howell, but you’d have to think that new head coach Dan Quinn would love to bring in an established winner like Wilson. Howell did some good things last season for Washington, but he also led the league in interceptions with 21. 

Wilson can be turnover-prone at times, but all in all, he takes pretty good care of the football. He’s kept his INTs at single digits in 4 out of his last 6 seasons. That’s something that Quinn, a defensive-minded coach, would appreciate.  

Washington does have some decent offensive weapons for Wilson in the holster. Guys like Jahan Dotson and Terry McLaurin are downfield threats that can take the top off of defenses. The main thing that may turn Wilson off from Washington though, is the suspect pass-blocking of their O-line.

3. New England Patriots

As a diehard Alabama fan, it pains me to say this, but Mac Jones is NOT an NFL QB! He had an amazing senior season with the Crimson Tide, but most of that was due to the insane amount of NFL talent at wideout on that 2020 roster. After enduring Jones’s 10 TD / 12 INT 2023 season, Pats fans would be thrilled to have someone of Wilson’s caliber in Foxboro.

Wilson caught a lot of flak in Denver, be he still tossed 26 touchdowns and only threw 8 picks a year ago. The 5’11” 215-pounder would bring much-needed stability to a very lackluster New England offense. The only question would be whether or not his personality would mesh with new Pats head coach Jerod Mayo.

Now for the bad news. Is Wilson going to want to be a part of an organization that is in full rebuilding mode? It’s doubtful. There’s also not a ton of weapons on this current Pats roster.

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