5 Super Bowl Prop Bets You Should Not Make

Smart wagering requires some knowledge. Robert Mims says the wagers below are nothing but luck, although you could make an educated guess on the length of Reba's National Anthem.
Chiefs coach Andy Reid.
Chiefs coach Andy Reid.@Chiefs on X

The Super Bowl is one week away, and the sports betting apps are full of game related prop bets. For the novices reading this, a prop bet is a wager on the teams or players that may have nothing to do with the final score. These wagers increase the betting interest in the game and generate more action.

There are some prop bets that are being offered that while popular ,are not prudent. A new player would be prudent in avoiding these  5 wagers if you see them.

  1. The Coin Toss- This seems like a decent bet. It is a 50-50 play and the operator has no decisive advantage. I am not a proponent of it because I have nothing to base my selection on. This is clearly a guess and I need more to work with for my money. If you are determined to make this play, the flip has landed tails 31 times and heads 26 in Super Bowl History.

  2. The Gatorade Bath- There are 23 flavors of Gatorade. Some of them have similar colors. To bet on this is like throwing at a dart board. Tremendous house edge and no value to the bettors. Avoid this play!

  3. How long will the National Anthem by Reba McEntire last? You could find prior performances by McEntire and average the length. You could even look at the last 5 Super Bowls and average the time. Then compare that time to the one projected for this year’s performance. The smart operators have done that and set the number you see. Not enough value in the bet for a substantial wager.

  4. Who calls the first time out? This is a game related to playing, and you have nothing to base your selection on. Whether the time out is based on a coach’s challenge or a game personnel decision, this is not worth betting on.

  5. Anything related to the times that Taylor Swift is shown during the telecast. While the Swifties Effect will create a lot of buzz, this is not a play. All legal prop bets must have some tie to the actual game, and this does not. This would be a clever idea at a Super Bowl Party among family and friends. Have random numbers and the person that selects out of a hat without going over gets the pot. Have a designated person do a running count every time they show Taylor.

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