Mims: Top 5 NFL Fantasy Football Quarterback Picks for 2023

Always improving Jalen Hurts tops the list, Josh Allen second.
Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts.
Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts.@Eagles on Twitter

NFL Fantasy Football 2023 is less than 3 weeks away. I will look at the top selections in the Quarterback  position. The quarterback scores the most points but is generally not taken in the early rounds of the draft. There are several viable options if you decide to go contrary to conventional drafting and pick a quarterback to start your team. These are the QBs that I would select regardless of when you are drafting.

Jalen Hurts: Philadelphia Eagles - Hurts has improved every year. He provides the combination of passing and running the ball. In 2022, Hurts had 13 rushing touchdowns and passed for 22. I look for Hurts to be an integral part of all goal line packages when the Eagles are in the red zone.

Josh Allen: Buffalo Bills - Allen has been the top fantasy quarterback for the past 3 seasons. I moved Allen down because he does not have an outstanding core of receivers this year. I also factored in the 33 times that Allen was sacked in 2022.

Patrick Mahomes: Kansas City Chiefs - Mahomes led the NFL in passing yardage. This was impressive because he did not have Tyreek Hill as a target. The Chiefs offense will continue to be pass heavy with at least 65% of the plays via the air. Mahomes will not rush for as many scores as Hurts or Allen, so he falls under both.

Sleeper Pick – Justin Fields : Chicago Bears – Fields is a high-volume rusher who averaged 11 attempts in his last 9 games in 2022. Fields also ran for at least 1 touchdown in 6 straight games. He averaged 7 yards per attempt. Fields will show more as a passer this season with the addition of DJ Moore at wideout.

Late AdditionJoe Burrow: Cincinnati Bengals – Burrow is nursing a calf injury and his availability is questionable for the beginning of the season. I would not expect the 2022 level of running the ball for Burrow. This was his best season by far in that category. His 35 TD passes are still doable even if he misses 2-3 games.

Stay awayLamar Jackson: Baltimore Ravens – Jackson has missed 5 games each of the last two seasons. When healthy, Jackson is electrifying and can turn a broken play into a 45-yard romp. If he is not available for 30% of the games again this season, your team will be at a distinct disadvantage unless you have an outstanding backup that you select late in your draft.

Later this week, I will evaluate the wide receivers.

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