Mims picks NFL win totals for coaches Sean Payton, Shane Steichen, DeMeco Ryans, Frank Reich, Jonathan Gannon

The league's five new hires are each looking to improve their teams. Some have an easier road than others.
New Broncos had coach Sean Payton.
New Broncos had coach Sean Payton.denverbroncos.com \ Gabriel Christus

The NFL Training camps start this week with 5 new head coaches in place. The teams that signed new head coaches were the Arizona Cardinals, Denver Broncos, Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts and the Carolina Panthers. Each of these teams failed to make the playoffs in 2022. None of these teams won more than 7 games last season. Each of them is projected to improve this year. The margin of improvement is between 2-5 games. Let’s look at each head coach and grade each of them based on the range indicated.

Sean Payton: Denver Broncos- Payton is the best coach of the five new hires. He is inheriting a roster of good talent and has a premiere QB that still has something to prove in Russell Wilson. The Broncos won 5 games in 2022. They are projected at 8.5 wins at Caesars Sports at a price of -115. Payton will equate to 4 additional wins.

Shane Steichen: Indianapolis Colts- Steichen is coming in as the best hire of the hot offensive coordinators of 2022. He led the Eagles offense that was ranked third in scoring and yards per game. Since the Colts are in a weak division, the addition of Steichen should produce 3 additional wins. The Colts won 4 games last year. They are projected at 6.5 wins on FanDuel at a price of -128.

DeMeco Ryans: Houston Texans- Ryans is a former standout player for the Texans. He has an impressive resume that include defensive coordinator of the San Francisco 49ers. The Texans will be better defensively. They used the third pick of the draft to select Will Anderson from Alabama. The Texans won 3 games last year. They are projected at 6.5 wins and the under is priced at -134 on FanDuel. Ryans will add 2 wins in a league that is geared toward offense.

Frank Reich: Carolina Panthers- Reich landed quickly after falling out of favor in Indy. This job is perfect for Reich because of his offensive mind. The NFC South is weak and a team that can finish above 500 could win the division. The Panthers won 7 games last year. They are projected to win 7.5 games this season. Reich adds at least 3 games to that total. The over price is -120.

Jonathan Gannon: Arizona Cardinals– Gannon was the defensive coordinator for the Eagles. The Birds were a top ranked defensive unit and Gannon was highly sought after. The problem he inherits is not having Kyler Murray due to injury. Gannon is in his first job as a head coach with a team that gave up an average of 31 points per game. The Cardinals play in the NFC West and will struggle to win more than 2 division games. Arizona won 4 games last season. They are projected to win 4.5 games. Gannon struggles in his first campaign and does not add to the total. The under price is -105.

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