Most Points Scored in NFL History

Football fans love to watch a good game, especially when it is an action-packed, high-scoring one. With that in mind, though, which games have managed to have the most points scored?
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Football fans love to watch a good game, especially when it is an action-packed, high-scoring one. Nonetheless, American football fans want to see touchdowns and field goals be scored with regularity; one reason why the sport is one of the most popular across the nation and why millions tune in each and every week. With that in mind, though, which games have managed to have the most points scored?

Seven All-Time Most Points Scored Matches

● 113 points scored: 72–41 Washington Redskins beat New York Giants on November 27, 1966

● 106 points scored: 58–48 Cincinnati Bengals beat Cleveland Browns on November 28, 2004

● 105 points scored: 54–51 Los Angeles Rams beat Kansas City Chiefs on November 19, 2018

● 101 points scored: 52–49 New Orleans Saints beat New York Giants on November 1, 2015

● 101 points scored: 52–49 Oakland Raiders beat Houston Oilers on December 22, 1963

● 99 points scored: 51–48 Denver Broncos beat Dallas Cowboys on October 6, 2013

● 99 points scored: 51–48 (OT) Seattle Seahawks beat Kansas City Chiefs on November 27, 1983

Football Fans Enjoy Points Being Scored

While it may sound obvious, there are many reasons why points being scored in a match is exciting to football fans aside from the fact that it means the games are more enjoyable.

Indeed, one of the biggest reasons involves spread betting given the evolution of sports betting. Wagering on points scored is among the most popular betting markets and options including NFL spreads allow bettors to speculate how much scoring both teams will do during a single game or even a whole season.

The thrill definitely increases during a high-scoring match and it encourages more people to get involved in the action. With this being said, the excitement that is generated when teams score points can be felt all around stadiums, as even those who don’t bet on sports still enjoy seeing points being scored with regularity.

Which NFL Games Can Be Considered To Be a Classic

While it is perhaps only natural to consider each of the games to appear on the “Most Points Scored” list, there are some fixtures on there that will be remembered by much of the NFL fanbase over others.

One prime example of this is in regard to the 54-51 victory by the Los Angeles Rams over the Kansas City Chiefs; a game that went down in history as an “Instant Classic” and one of the best to have ever been played. Admittedly, while 2018 was not a very long time ago, the match is one that will be memorable because it managed to set a number of different records.

For one, it became the third-highest game in National Football League history after a total of 105 points were scored, with 21 having been obtained by defenses. However, it also became the game to have the most points scored on Monday Night Football, the first match in which both teams managed to score 50+ points, as well as being the only time a team would score 50 points and still lose.

Furthermore, the game was incredibly entertaining as it continued to provide a rollercoaster of emotions for everyone that watched. In the fourth quarter, the lead had changed hand on four occasions, with six having been experienced overall throughout the entirety of the game. Moreover, the two teams had managed to combine for 1,001 total yards.

Another of the games listed above to perhaps be considered a classic was the encounter between the New Orleans Saints and the New York Giants on November 1, 2015. Played in Louisiana, the hosts managed to come out victorious as they won 52-49.

Quarterbacks Drew Brees and Eli Manning - two of the most iconic names in the modern era at the position - were on fire with their passing as they managed to throw touchdown after touchdown. Brees tied an NFL record as he threw seven, while Manning was just one behind him with his six. Unsurprisingly, the 13 TDs thrown would set an NFL record.

However, while there have been some low-scoring contests in the past with just field goals being scored, those that enjoy seeing points put on the board will have loved this game as it featured just one field goal. This was scored on the final play of the game, thus ultimately giving the Saints the three-point victory after Kai Forbath converted a 50-yard kick; the longest he had kicked successfully at that time of his career.

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