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What Is the Best NFL Betting Software to Use as an Agent?

Using the right agent can be a game changer if you're a fan of the sport and are looking to wander into the world of betting.

The NFL is one of the most significant sports leagues in the US. In 2021 the NFL's regular season grossed 17.1 million viewers, marking one of the highest averages for viewership since 2015. The NFL ranks in the list of Top 16, 48, 50, and 91 out of the top 100 telecasts on TV.

Using the right agent can be a game changer if you're a fan of the sport and are looking to wander into the world of betting. Today we will look into the best NFL betting agent software available and making the most of betting for your favourite teams.

Live Betting Simplified

Live betting or in-play betting is a massive part of sports and football. Being a punter and playing the odds in a live match requires you to be aware and only use the best of the best software. There are high chances you'll be looking out for a site that offers speed and convenience. Due to the rapidly evolving nature of the league, you always need to be on your toes. A good football sportsbook provider understands these requirements and should have designed the perfect betting software for the NFL. Using good software can change the way you give access to your customers and the appeal of sports betting at the same time!

Why Choose a Company Like PayPerHead?


To begin with, convenience is not a luxury but a necessity in NFL betting. Playing your odds right can result in generous wins. Using software that offers quick access to betting via a desktop site or mobile app is a win for you over physical betting stores. On PayPerHead for example, you can freely browse multiple betting markets and odds before placing your bets.

Market Choices

Market choices are quintessential to you when placing bets. The larger the roster of markets available, the better your chance to get a decent bang for your buck. You can compare favourable odds and browse through an extensive cache of needs catering to the NFL online sportsbooks. It enhances your scope of betting and gives you quick access to multiple odds that are favourable.

Accessible Markets include:

  1. College and NFL Moneyline Football bets: The Moneyline betting market is the easiest regarding general wagering on football and sports. Your consumer chooses which team they believe will win and places their bets following the odds you provide on the chances of the team winning the game.

  2. NFL Spread Betting: As a bookmaker, NFL spread betting enables you to balance the odds between the match's favourites and underdogs. In this kind of wager, the choice is assigned a handicap of specified points. The underdog will receive the same points while getting a "head start."

  3. NFL Totals and Over/Under Betting Markets: When placing a wager on a totals market, the bettor guesses whether or not the game's final score will exceed or fall short of the score total you have predetermined.

  4. NFL and College Football Prop Betting: Football prop bets (proposition bets) are wagers on results that may or may not relate to the game's outcome. Football player and game props are the two categories of NFL props.

  5. NFL Parlay Bets: The most thrilling punter wagers are parlays, yet they may also cause you the most significant anxiety as the football bookmaker. Parlay bets are those that combine multiple selections into a single wager. It may be selections from various games or a single game (the same game parlay).

Safety and Security

Safety and security are quintessential factors punters look out for in sports betting. New bettors look out for safety and security conditions offered due to the fear surrounding betting. That's why using software like PayPerHead suits your market. The enhanced safety and security features make your site trustworthy for new and seasoned punters. It also makes them feel more secure while sharing their personal information and making payments on your website.

Diverse Payment Options

The absolute best football betting sites online will accept several different payment options. To make sports betting as convenient as possible for your clients, our football betting software supports many payment gateways, including bank cards, eWallets, prepaid cards, and more. Additionally, the client will want to guarantee that the winning collection is quick and convenient. It is a significant source of trust and can impact the client experience significantly.

With a company such as PayPerHead as your sportsbook software provider you can redefine safety, convenience, and accessibility to your market of punters and make betting an exciting affair. Check out the best NFL betting software and get access to a live demo today.

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