Super Bowl LVI Is Almost Here: A Look Back on Super Bowl MVPs Through NFL History

Tom Brady won it last year. Matt Stafford and Joe Burrow are the favorites to win this year.
Last year, Tom Brady became the oldest player to winSuper Bowl MVP.

Last year, Tom Brady became the oldest player to winSuper Bowl MVP.

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In every Super Bowl we expect great performances, but as Super Bowl LVI draws near, let's go back down memory lane and remember some of the MVPs who have won the game's highest individual accolade.

Last year (2021), legendary quarterback Tom Brady of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers bagged the title of the most valuable player. While we await the winner of the Most Valuable Player of Super Bowl LVI, let’s look back on the award's history.

Voting Procedures

Fans started voting electronically in 2001 during Super Bowl XXXIV. The media panel's ballots have the highest vote count of 80%, while 20% is for the viewer's ballots.

Towards the end of the game, media voters vote tentatively. It's subject to change, so they are allowed to vote again at the end of the game. It means media voters are given a chance to change their initial position and vote for a different player if they think another player deserves to win the title.

The NFL has also announced its 50 member delegates that will vote for this season’s Super Bowl MVP. The 50 members who voted for the All-Pro team will also have the honor to decide the fate of this year’s Most Valuable Player.

First Player to Win the Award

Bart Starr won the MVP award in the first two Super Bowls. The award was renamed the Pete Rozelle Trophy for Super Bowl XXV and was presented to New York Giant Ottis Anderson, the first-ever player to win that award.

Other Players to Have Won the Award

Most times, the MVP winner comes from the winning team. But, in 1971, Chuck Howley won the title even after his team, the Cowboys, lost to the Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl V.

There happened to be co-MVPs during Super Bowl XII – with Harvey Martin and Randy White sharing the honor. It was the only time when this happened.

The last Super Bowl MVP in 2021 was presented to Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Tom Brady. He won the award four more times during his time with the New England Patriots. He is the only person who has won five MVPs. Joe Montana has won the MVP award thee times, and Starr, Terry Bradshaw, and Eli Manning have won it twice.

Some previous Super Bowl MVPs are still active. They are Aaron Rodgers of Super Bowl XLV, Joe Flacco of Super Bowl XLVI, Malcolm Smith of Super Bowl XLVIII, Von Miller of Super Bowl L, Nick Foles of Super Bowl LII, and Patrick Mahomes of Super Bowl LIV. Miller will be playing in this year's game for the Rams.

Oldest Player to Win the Super Bowl MVP Award

The oldest player to win the Super Bowl MVP in NFL history is Brady, who was 43 years old when he won the Super Bowl MVP in 2021. The youngest player to win the MVP is Patrick Mahomes at the age of 24 in 2020.

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