Middle Tennessee safety Reed Blankenship could be one of the top D-backs taken in the draft. 

Middle Tennessee safety Reed Blankenship could be one of the top D-backs taken in the draft. 

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Top mid-major college prospects we probably will see in the NFL next season: Reed Blankenship to Max Mitchell

Not all the top draft picks are going to come from Power 5 teams.

The Bowl season is not just for college football diehards. It also offers an excellent glimpse of several future professional stars playing their final games for programs. For example, the 2021 run of college postseason games provides some insights. In this piece, you will read about top college football picks that will feature in the next NFL season. Read on to find out about eight top college prospects you are likely to see in the coming NFL season.

1. Reed Blankenship

Safety, Middle Tennessee

Height/Weight: 6-1/204 pounds

Reed Blankenship would most likely have been a late-round pick in 2021. He is a solid and energetic defender having excellent innate toughness and leadership skills. Additionally, he makes too many plays with sound fundamentals to be ignored as a valuable swing backup in the NFL.

2. Bailey Zappe

Quarterback, Western Kentucky

Height/Weight: 6-1/220 pounds

Bailey Zappe had a productive first season with the Hilltoppers, making it to the FBS competition. He kept working hard to improve on the best passing records through accuracy, volume and a quick release. His pass accuracy and strong arm will draw attention to him to make it to Day 3 consideration.

3. Isaiah Likely

Tight End, Coastal Carolina

Height/Weight: 6-4/240 pounds

Isaiah Likely had a great season in the Chanticleers offense, where he caught 52 passes for 816 yards and 10 touchdowns, and he is a versatile receiver capable of running the entire route. Besides that, Likely is comfortable operating inline.

4. Jeffrey Gunter

Linebacker, Coastal Carolina

Height/Weight: 6-4/260 pounds

Gunter worked hard to get late-round consideration as a dynamic situational edge rusher. He has registered 5.5 sacks in the running to the matchup. His major strengths are his ability to play in multiple positions and various moves.

5. Ronnie Rivers

Running Back, Fresno State

Height/Weight: 5-9/195 pounds

Ronnie Rivers is a smaller but elusive back with extraordinary pass-catching abilities. These attributes make him perfect for a third-down and change-of pace role in the NFL, which would make him effective in a committee having a bigger power back.

6. Jalen Cropper

Wide Receiver, Fresno State

Height/Weight: 6-0/173 pounds

Jalen Cropper is well known as an outstanding possession receiver for the Bulldogs. He boasts excellent hands, route-running and red zone work. Moreover, his prowess has seen him register 11 touchdowns out of his 76 receptions. His downfield speed can propel him to Day 2 consideration.

7. Malik Willis

Quarterback, Liberty

Height/Weight: 6-1/215 pounds

Despite his outstanding passing and rushing stats, Malik Willis made multiple mistakes for the Flames. However, his physical skills comprising a strong arm and astounding athleticism keep showing his capabilities as a pro. Willis is a first-rounder, but he also possesses a wide range of outcomes, from the top quarterback off the board to the fifth one.

8. Max Mitchell

Offensive Tackle, Louisiana

Height/Weight: 6-6/297 pounds

Max Mitchell is an outstanding athlete. He also excels in using his footwork in pass protection. The budding Ragin’ Cajun will take part in the Senior Bowl and its practices to enhance his stock. His work ethic and dedication are excellent, and he has what it takes to keep improving.

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