MetLife Stadium, home to the New York Giants and New York Jets.
MetLife Stadium, home to the New York Giants and New York Jets.@MetLifeStadium on Twitter

Bet the NFL: Mims offers advice on how to maximize your winning, minimize your losing and not go broke

Three tips to on allocating your money, when to bet and when not to.

As the NFL season approaches, I want to share some sports betting advice. One, if not all three of these tips, will come in handy and help you avoid a bad week. I look at a bad week as when you are 0-3 or 0-4 going into Sunday or Monday Night. There is a reason why those two stand-alone games get the most action. They are the games when everyone is trying to get back or ahead. They wager more trying to wipe away the losses from earlier in the day and wind up down double the amount. I compare it to increasing a bet playing Blackjack after two losses of $15 each to $40 flat bet. You get an 11 total for two cards and double down against a dealer’s 6 as an up card. While this is the right play, You get a 4 on the double down and the dealer beats you by having a soft 17. The play was right, but the timing is wrong.

Rule One: Establish your limit on games you like and games you love. If you are a $20 player, then most of your bets should be 20 dollars. You love the game, you bet 30-40. Determine what you want to wager at the being of the day. Do not let winning or losing dictate how much action you will have.

Rule Two: Establish a bankroll that is for gaming only. This is after paying bills, taking care of family obligations, and setting aside money for savings. This discretionary money should not exceed 20% of your take home pay after all the above necessities are allotted for. When the bankroll is exhausted, so are you. You get back in the game next week. If the Sunday or Monday Night Game was not one of your plays to start the week, don’t jump in because you are down, take a shot when you are up!

Rule Three: Get information early and get down late. Waiting until just before game time keeps you abreast of injuries, Covid 19 disqualifications and weather forecast. You only need to pick 56% of your games to be successful. Time is your friend. If you can’t wait, then favorites get bet early and underdogs get bet late.

I see action every day, so I know if you follow at least two of my three rules you can stay in the game. Everybody wants to win a stack (that’s $1,000) a week or more. But would you be content with winning $100-200 every week? Both are hard to do, but one is more achievable than the other. Bet smart and bet responsible so you can be in position to do just that!

I will be doing the Thursday Night Football Games along with the Monday Night Games every week. I will provide a selection for the game along with a prop bet.

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