Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady had the sad look of many gamblers Sunday.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady had the sad look of many gamblers Sunday.| AP Photo/Brett Duke

How did bettors play the NFL Sunday? Here's a PointsBet recap so you can see where the money went, how the bookmaker did, Monday's action

Overall, it was not a particularly good Sunday for the bettor.

Howard Gensler

Howard Gensler

Information provided by PointsBet:

  • Book Overall:

    • Extremely strong first week of NFL for the book – actually only lost on one game (Bucs-Saints). Some big-time upsets in NFL Week 1 proved to be very favorable. Washington and the Jaguars in particular really got things rolling.

  • Best/Worst Game:

    • The Jaguars upsetting the Colts and the Washington Football Team upsetting the Eagles were our two best results of the week. Ticket count and weight of money was very lopsided on the Eagles and Colts, plus a good deal of clients lost early on parlays that included Eagles/Colts moneylines.

  • Most Handle:

    • Our highest handle game was Seattle @ Atlanta, followed by Eagles @ Washington and Jets @ Bills. Seattle @ Atlanta saw constant movement on the spread line throughout the week, opening with the Seahawks as a 1-point favorite, yet closing at Falcons -1.

  • Monday preview:

    • We’re seeing heavy action on the Steelers spread and also a we have a good amount of clients cheering on the Steelers moneyline to close out parlays. Book will be rooting for the Giants to cover, pulling off the upset would be even better.

    • In the later game we are seeing most of the action again come in on the favorite, the Tennessee Titans. We opened with Denver as 2-point favorites one and saw immediate action from some of our sharpest players on the Titans +2. Von Miller then got hurt, helping the line move 5 points throughout the week all the way to TEN -3. Book rooting heavy for Denver.

The notable bets:

  • $5k on Falcons spread at +100

  • $3.6K on Pats ML at -345

  • $3.3K on 49ers/Cardinals OVER 48 at -110

  • $2.5k on Falcons spread at +100

  • $2k on Cowboys ML at -141

  • $2k on Bills spread at +100

  • $2k on Dolphins spread at +100

(1pm ET) Game-by-Game Notes:

  • Jets v Bills (-6.5):

    • Spread: 81% of tix, 86% of money on BUF … line has held steady at 6.5

    • Moneyline: 88% of tix, 84% of money on BUF

    • Total: 57% of tix, 69% of money on UNDER

  • Seahawks v Falcons (-1):

    • Spread: 67% of bets on SEA, yet 70% of money on ATL … opened w SEA as a 1-point favorite, but that has flipped to ATL -1 (sharps on the Falcons)

    • Moneyline: 71% of bets on SEA, but nearly a 50/50 split on money

    • Total: 66% of bets and 72% of handle on OVER

  • Eagles (-6) v Washington:

    • Spread: 76% tix and 60% handle on PHI … line has bounced back and forth between 5.5 and 6

    • Moneyline: 92% of tix and 86% of money on PHI

    • Total: 58% of tix on OVER, money at a 50/50 split

  • Browns v Ravens (-7):

    • Spread: 78% tix and 85% of handle on BAL … line was as high as 8 in early Sept, more recently has bounced back and forth between 7.5 and 7

    • Moneyline: 93% of tix and 94% of money on BAL

    • Total: 53% of tix, 75% of money on OVER

  • Bears v Lions (-2.5):

    • Spread: Almost dead even at 50/50 on tix and handle … line held steady at 3 for a while, moved to 2.5 in wake of Golladay news

    • Moneyline: 68% of tix, 86% of money on CHI

    • Total: 65% of bets on the under, yet 75% of money on the OVER

  • Colts (-7) v Jags:

    • Spread: 75% of tix and money on IND … line held steady at 8 for a long time, moved to 7.5 recently and to 7 on gameday

    • Moneyline: 95% of tix and money on IND (very popular parlay play)

    • Total: 70% of tix, 75% of money on UNDER

  • Dolphins v Pats (-7):

    • Spread: nearly 50/50 on tix, but 70% of money on MIA … line sat at 6.5 until Friday, has sat steady at 7 since (Pats side currently juiced at -115)

    • Moneyline: 84% of tix and 81% money on NE

    • Total: nearly 50/50 on tix, but 60% of money on OVER

  • Packers v Vikings (-1.5):

    • Spread: 55% of tix on GB, but 60% of money on MIN … line was as high as 3.5 in early Sept, sat at 2.5 and 2 more recently, now into 1.5

    • Moneyline: 70% of tix and 89% of money on GB

    • Total: 50/50 on tix, but 71% of money on UNDER

  • Raiders (-3) v Panthers:

    • Spread: 62% of tix and money on LV … line has sat steady at 3 for most of the week with the Panthers side juiced at -115

    • Moneyline: 50/50 on tix, but 65% of money on LV

    • Total: 60% of tix on UNDER, yet 68% of money on OVER

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