NFL QB Breakdown: Eckel examines the AFC South
In this Dec. 29, 2019, file photo Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers (17) signals to the bench during the first half of an NFL football game against the Kansas City Chiefs in Kansas City, Mo. Rivers' career with the Los Angeles Chargers has come to an end. According to AP reporting, Rivers signed a one-year contract with the Indianapolis Colts to become their starting Quarterback.Reed Hoffmann | Associated Press

NFL QB Breakdown: Eckel examines the AFC South

This series is a division by division look at the situation for the most important position in the game — today we look at the AFC South

There has never been an NFL offseason quite like this one when it comes to quarterbacks. One of the greatest of all time switched teams, another sure Hall of Famer stayed put, while two other Super Bowl MVPs are on the trade block along with another who has gotten to a Super Bowl. A No. 1 overall pick will also be moved and a No. 2 overall pick already has moved. Here is a division by division look at the situation for the most important position in the game.

AFC South

Houston Texans: Despite taking away his best weapon in DeAndre Hopkins, the Texans are set at the quarterback position with DeShaun Watson as the starter and another former National Champion, A.J. McCarron, as the backup.

Indianapolis Colts: The one-year, $25 million deal for Phillip Rivers makes him the Colts starter in a “go-for-it’’ year. I think the team still values Jacoby Brissett and will keep him around as No. 2. Veteran Bryan Hoyer may land elsewhere as a backup.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Here’s where it gets a little interesting. The Jags have decided young Gardner Minshew is their guy, not former Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles, who they signed to a long-term deal just a year ago. They have already had trade talks for Foles within their division with the Colts (before the Rivers signing) and may do so as well with the Patriots, Bears and maybe the Chargers. Stay tuned on this one.

Tennessee Titans: Who would have thought when the Titans signed Ryan Tannehill a year ago he would end up taking them to the AFC title game and then getting a lucrative long-term deal? He really does hand the ball off to Derrick Henry very well. Marcus Mariota left for Las Vegas so the team may look for a better backup than Logan Whiteside.

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