Where will Tom Brady end up?
Where will Tom Brady end up?|Bill Sikes | Associated Press

Mark Eckel handicaps the Tom Brady sweepstakes – With the sports world upside down, maybe Miami at +3300 is the way to go

Mark Eckel

Free agency begins in the NFL Wednesday (maybe), with the league’s “legal tampering’’ period scheduled to start Monday.

Not since 1993 when Reggie White left the Philadelphia Eagles to sign with the Green Bay Packers has there been a bigger name set to hit the open market than New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

The six-time Super Bowl champion, three-time league MVP and four-time Super Bowl MVP is a free agent for the first time in his career. And unless the 42-year-old QB re-signs with the Patriots Sunday, he’ll be able to talk to any of the other 31 teams Monday.

Will he go back to the team he took to nine Super Bowls? Las Vegas thinks so. Here are the latest odds on where Brady will sign along with our brief analysis.

New England (-150): All the Patriots have to do is promise him they will sign a few more playmakers and I think he goes back. Unless, he really wants to show he can win without Bill Belichick.

Tennessee (+500): This makes sense for one reason and one reason only. The Titans head coach is Mike Vrabel, Brady’s old teammate and friend.

Las Vegas (+600): The Raiders want Brady for a lot of reasons, but does he want them? I don’t think so. But Jon Gruden can be convincing.

Los Angeles (+600): Out loud the Chargers are saying they are moving on from Philip Rivers and want to start over with a young quarterback. Privately, they would love to have Brady in their new stadium.

San Francisco (+700): This one is picking up some momentum and the odds show it. Brady did grow up a 49ers fan and would love to be the next 49er to win a Super Bowl. He might also want to stick it to his former backup Jimmy Garoppolo again.

Tampa Bay (+1200): Head coach Bruce Arians has made it kind of clear he’s not enamored with Jameis Winston. He also wants to win now. But TB in TB doesn’t seem like a good fit.

Indianapolis (+1400): Sure the Colts could use an upgrade at QB, but there is a better chance they sign Rivers or trade for Nick Foles than they sign Brady.

Chicago (+3300): Could the Bears use him? Absolutely. Would he want to go there? Doubtful.

Dallas (+3300): This one is based on the Cowboys not getting a deal done with Dak Prescott, then signing Brady and trading Prescott. This would all be crazy talk if the Cowboys owner wasn’t Jerry Jones.

Miami (+3300): This one makes less sense than any of them.

My Guess: Going back to the Pats seems like the safe bet. But if you want to try to make some money throw a buck, or three, on the Titans or the 49ers.

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