Kansas City's Chris Jones (left) and Frank Clarke tackle Denver's Phillip Lindsay on Dec. 15
Kansas City's Chris Jones (left) and Frank Clarke tackle Denver's Phillip Lindsay on Dec. 15 |Ed Zurga/Associated Press

Three for Thursday: Boop's latest Super Bowl prop bets include George Kittle and Travis Kelce, Chief pass rusher Chris Jones and made FGs

Bob Vetrone

Bob Vetrone

Every year, we check to see the if there is a defensive player we think might earn the Pete Rozelle Trophy as Super Bowl MVP, as it does happen more often than you would think. Linebackers from Denver (Von Miller) and Seattle (Malcolm Smith) took home the hardware twice in three seasons within the last decade and there have been safeties and cornerbacks and – Holy Merlin Olsen! – even defensive lineman that have taken the honors.

You know what two positions have never had Super Bowl MVP representation? Offensive line (of course) and tight end. Yeah, that’s right, the Niners’ George Kittle or the Chiefs’ Travis Kelce − two of the league’s best tight ends in anybody’s book − could become the first TE to snatch the trophy. (And if either does, they would also be the first winner whose last name starts with K.)

You could bet on each player individually (Kittle 16-1, Kelce 20-1) to bring home the hardware, but we are going to instead bet the position of tight end to be the MVP award winner, just in case Blake Bell or Ross Dwelley work their way into the spotlight.

Tight End to Win MVP (9-1) . . . $10 / $90

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>>> We are not quite sure how important field goals are going to be Sunday, but we have a pretty good idea that when the time comes to launch a three-pointer, it’s going to connect.

Since Week 11, the Chiefs and 49ers have combined to go 31-for-32 on field goals. The weather is supposed to not be a problem, so let’s go with there being no missed field goals.

Either Team to miss a FG Attempt: No (-125) . . . $10 / $8

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>>> KC defensive end Chris Jones had sacks in four of the last five regular season games and six of the last eight. He played sparingly in the AFC title game (28 snaps) after shaking off a calf injury but should be at full strength in Miami.

As long as Jimmy Garoppolo has to throw the ball more than eight times (as he did against the Packers in the NFC title game), we are counting on Jones getting to him at least once.

Jones Sacks Over 0.5 (+141) . . . $10 / $14.10

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