Bet365 and 1/ST Announce Partnership to Launch First U.S. Horse Racing Product

The partnership further establishes 1/ST Technology as an industry leader, while allowing Bet365 to expand it's U.S. reach into horse betting.
Bet365 and 1/ST Announce Partnership to Launch First U.S. Horse Racing Product

Bet365, a titan in the world of online gambling, recently announced a strategic partnership with 1/ST Technology, one of the biggest names in the U.S. horse racing industry.

Through this collaboration, Bet365 aims to introduce an advanced deposit wagering system for horse racing in the United States, catering to both web and mobile app users.

The fusion of Bet365's expansive betting network and global brand recognition with 1/ST's cutting-edge technology, promises to revolutionize the horse betting landscape in the U.S.

A Partnership that Makes Sense for Both Companies

This alliance is more than a business venture; it represents a significant leap in Bet365's U.S. market strategy. The partnership will allow Bet365 to enhance its service offerings in the U.S., leveraging 1/ST Bet's AI-assisted tools and comprehensive racing ecosystem.

Given the growing popularity of the Xpressbet app, we should expect Bet365 to launch with one of the better mobile apps on the market.

For 1/ST Technology, this deal will allow the brand to showcase its award-winning technology, including its mobile betting app, to a broader audience, amplifying its footprint in the global betting market.

Unpacking the Bet365 and 1/ST Technology Collaboration

The 1/ST Bet app is a cornerstone of this partnership, offering a suite of features that cater to both novice and seasoned bettors. With its AI-driven analytics and comprehensive access to 1/ST's horse racing network, the app is poised to offer an unparalleled betting experience.

Potential Impact on the U.S. Horse Racing Ecosystem

This partnership is expected to have a significant impact on the horse racing ecosystem in the U.S. This is the first major brand to enter the market in years, and Bet365 should quickly become a top competitor to the likes of TwinSpires and TVG.

It will not only enhance the betting experience for users but also provide a boost to the domestic horse racing industry, promoting international horse racing events to a U.S. audience.

Bet365’s Strategy in the U.S. Betting Market

While Bet365 is a dominant player globally, its venture into the U.S. horse racing market, particularly in states like New York, is strategic and calculated. Facing regulatory hurdles, the company's partnership with 1/ST Technology gives Bet365 a clear path to operating in the 30 U.S. states that offer legal online horse betting.

The partnership between Bet365 and 1/ST Technology is not just about today's gains but also about setting the stage for future growth for both brands. Their shared vision for innovative, customer-focused betting experiences is likely to influence the broader market and lead to a noticeably improved betting experience for horse racing fans across the U.S.

Will Bet365 Horse Racing Product Be Ready for the 2024 Kentucky Derby?

Whether or not Bet365 is ready in time for the Derby is clearly the question on everyone's mind. The company has yet to address this, but given the timing of the partnership, it is clear they are making an effort to launch in time for the Triple Crown. Doing so seems like a longshot, but any horse racing fan would tell you that everyone loves a longshot.

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