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A quick guide: How to bet on boxing

Whether you're an avid fan of boxing or simply looking for a stake in an upcoming blockbuster fight, our guide will give you a handy overview of the key elements of betting on boxing.

Boxing is a very popular sport and is still big business for bookmakers these days. Almost all bookmakers have this sport in their repertoire.

Whether you're an avid fan of boxing or simply looking for a stake in an upcoming blockbuster fight, our guide will give you a handy overview of the key elements of betting on boxing.

Compared to football and other sports, boxing has a limited selection of markets. There are six different types of betting on sports that are most commonly offered by operators in the run-up to a boxing match.

Betting on Boxing - Bout Betting

Don't let the name confuse you. This is a definitive winner stake with a different proper name. You can bet on any participant to win and you will always be offered a draw option as well. However, these have very long odds as draws are a common outcome in boxing.

Casino Betting

Not quite the same as boxing, but still fun. Casino betting is like playing games where you try your luck to win money. It can be spinning a wheel or picking cards. From slot machines to card games, it's about having fun and hoping to win some cash. It's a mix of excitement and the chance to get lucky and win prizes while playing different games in a casino. Don't be afraid, try it yourself: https://casino-wantedwin.com/

Betting on boxing - the round bets

This bet offers you the chance to bet on which boxer will win and in which round when betting on boxing. Here you place a bet on the outcome of the fight. This means a large market when the final odds on the favourites are very low.

Round group bet

Here is similar to round betting, but offers a bit more flexibility when it comes to a pick that is decided around the winner. This variant is often favoured by punters because betting on the exact round is very difficult.

Betting on the winner

This is a broad market, so punters can choose how they think the outcome will be decided, i.e. how the fight will be decided. There are several options available here, such as knockout, technical knockout or disqualification.

Fights over the entire rounds

This one is simple, here you bet on whether the fight will last the full 12 rounds. It is worth finding out about the participants before you approach this type of betting on boxing.

Betting on boxing - over/under rounds

These boxing bets allow you to predict whether the fight will last for more or less than an allotted number of rounds. For example, if you bet on over 8.5 rounds, you will lose the stake if the fight is stopped in the eighth round or before. But you win if the round goes to the ninth or longer.

If you are considering this type of betting on boxing, make sure beforehand that you are betting on a fight that you are actually interested in. If you have a particular interest in a specific fighter and agree on this with the family, then take enough time to research thoroughly. Potential results will then be a far less difficult task.

Anthony Joshua vs Ruiz: The air is on fire

It is the first world heavyweight boxing championship to take place in the Middle East. The full fight will be held to coincide with the month-long "Diriyah Season". The global spectacle of top-class sport offers a superlative intercultural entertainment programme. With the glittering flair of the ancient old town on the outskirts of Riyadh, the atmosphere is just right. For Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz, there can be no better choice than the birthplace of Saudi Arabia.

Anthony Joshua vs Ruiz: Entry is no problem! Especially for the Full Fight, the government of Saudi Arabia is offering the special case. Spectators from a total of 49 countries can book a tourist visa that is valid for 90 days. The application takes just seven minutes and is very easy to complete online. If you want to see Anthony Joshua vs. Andy Ruiz live, you can get tickets for the fight online.

How to analyse candidates

The success of a stake on boxing relies on you gathering as much information as possible about the candidate, and this is the same for every sport. You can never place a sure bet if you don't do careful research beforehand. You will simply have more luck than if you place a bet on a whim.

So take into account how your betting candidate has performed in previous fights. If the fight is a prize fight and your potential candidate is very much in the limelight, you can play with a little more confidence.

Likewise, when betting on boxing, you need to pay attention to how the boxer behaves leading up to a fight. Has he perhaps been training with a new trainer? Did he spend the whole night in a nightclub? These are all clues that provide information about his potential form. Of course, it's unlikely that you'll see a potential world champion jeopardising his victory with mischief on the eve of his fight.

One of the most important things when it comes to analysing competitors is not to let the media chatter about the fight drive you crazy. There is always speculation here, even in other sports, with sensational and contradictory reports. Don't get carried away by it.

Instead, trust your common sense. Try to find credible news sources with balanced analyses, such as ESPN or Bad LeftHook.

Choose the best bookmaker

The eternal question is always, how do I choose the best bookmaker! There are two important things to consider for boxing:

  • Who offers the best odds on the bets you want to make?

  • Who provides the best promotional offers?

Take a look at websites, which will give you useful tips. Compare the main bookmakers and see where you can get the best value for your stake on boxing.

On the whole, such websites offer you the most favourable odds on the underdog or outsider. So you can start from here comfortably and safely if you are looking to place bets on boxing.

Often in the run up to really big boxing events, bookmakers offer a whole range of lucrative promotions to new and existing customers. This is to make betting more attractive and they want to win the customer over instead of having them go to a competitor.

This is the reason why you should find out in advance whether a profitable discount or a free stake is feasible for you. It doesn't matter if it's a bookmaker you wouldn't otherwise use.

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