Virtual Betting in the US: A Look at the Top Sports to Wager On

A quick look at some of the most popular sports American fans wager on may provide insights as to why sports betting using virtual platforms is so engaging.
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Since the legalization of sports betting in multiple states around the US in 2018, Americans across the continent have been placing bets on a wide variety of live sporting events as a way to add an extra layer of thrill to their fan experiences. As the pastime continues to gain popularity as fans are drawn in by the entertainment value or potential for monetization, a quick look at some of the most popular sports American fans wager on may provide insights as to why sports betting using virtual platforms is so engaging.

Horse and Greyhound Racing

The US has a storied history relating to this unique sport that sees incredibly well-bred and trained animals race against each other. This sport in particular offers bettors a unique experience compared to others on this list due to the number of animal competitors to choose between. According to Sports Encyclopedia, bettors are spoiled for choice when it comes to greyhound betting sites that offer modern video streams, real-time odds, instant race replays and favorable mobile compatibility options.


The domination of the nation's favorite NBA teams and leagues online is an indicator that this sport's passionate fans have taken to the internet in droves to share a deep love for this game. Basketball as one of the most entertaining sports to bet on is on the rise as a recent survey undertaken by Statista saw 57.2% of participants choose basketball as their preferred sport to place wagers on.


American football is a beloved sport for millions of Americans in schools, colleges and through major leagues like the Super Bowl, which is one of the most watched sporting events in the country. The rise of sophisticated virtual betting platforms dedicated to American football has created an inclusive online space for fans to interact with the sport in completely new and thrilling ways.

Auto Racing

There are two major players of modern auto racing in the US: NASCAR and Formula 1. The action-packed nature of these technologically driven sports is a huge draw for fans in America and around the globe. The way that minor lapses in driving and racing strategy can affect the final results of these races attracts engaged audiences and allows the fans wagering on favored drivers to feel closer to each adrenaline-fueled decision made on tracks.


As a sport with a dedicated global player base, tennis is an exciting sport that offers a variety of world-famous tournaments to bet on. Among the most popular are the US Open, the Australian Open and Wimbledon and these events manage to attract millions of active viewers through broadcasts and livestreams. The interesting variety of betting options associated with tennis may be particularly appealing to fans looking to engage with the sport through online platforms.


Much like American football, the cultural associations baseball has with the country means that Americans are deeply involved with the social traditions around major championship sporting events. The popularity of fantasy baseball leagues in particular sees competitive baseball fans interact with sports wagering platforms as a way to add more excitement to every game.


One of the newest sports that modern fans can engage with is esports such as CSGO and LoL. Online sporting events that feature highly popular and competitive video games and exceptionally talented players are rising in popularity as fans of both video gaming and sports betting can now combine these two previously dissimilar passions.

The Wrap-Up

To sum it up, the realm of virtual sports betting in the United States has undergone a remarkable transformation since its legalization in 2018. This shift has captured the enthusiasm of Americans, offering them not only the thrill of betting but also the prospect of turning their sports passion into potential profit. As technology continues to advance and with online platforms becoming increasingly sophisticated, the future of virtual sports betting in the U.S. promises even more innovative and exciting ways for fans to immerse themselves in their beloved sports.

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