Mims reviews SBC North America, cites Fanatics' purchase of PointsBet, media presence, more in-game wagering

The SBC Summit North America did not disappoint.
Matt King, CEO of Fanatics Betting and Gaming.
Matt King, CEO of Fanatics Betting and Gaming.sbcamericas.com

The SBC Summit North America did not disappoint. This conference has carved out its niche as a global conference. It has an advantage over other gaming conferences in that they are willing to bring the action to you. SBC does events in Las Vegas, Barcelona and Miami just to name a few. The intimacy of the gathering allows for networking and business opportunities. The next SBC event is the Canadian Gaming Summit in Toronto, Canada. The dates are June 13-15, and the email address is info@sbcgaming.com.

One of the takeaways from SBC North America was the presentation by Fanatics and Matt King. Fanatics' entry into the sports betting industry is highly anticipated. It is now heightened by Fanatic acquisition of PointsBet earlier this week. The price of the acquisition will save Fanatics millions as they will enter multiple markets in time for the NFL season this fall.

Another keynote from the conference was the media presence. Several prominent mediums and affiliates were in attendance. This is an area that will promote the gaming industry to the next level. The tactics that dominated gaming advertising in the past are obsolete. Customers are more amped to respond to alerts and notifications than billboards.

The final takeaway I want to share involves the changing dynamic of how sports betting is being done. Prior to the repeal of PASPA 5 years ago, most wagers were pre-match. Now most wagers are done in game. Most wagers are mobile, so a retail experience is still popular but not essential. Operators will have to be innovative to differentiate their product and entice customers to visit a brick-and-mortar facility.

Since I reference PASPA , I want to share the next gaming event that is taking place right here in Philly today. .SeventySix Capital  in partnership with the American Gaming Association  is celebrating the 5-year anniversary of the repeal of the sports betting ban at Live! Casino. Wayne Kimmel  will talk about the Future of Sports. This event will be attended by gaming  professionals, entrepreneurs, and casino executives. It would behoove anyone looking to get into sports gaming and wagering to attend events similar to the SBC  Summit North America and the Sports Innovation Meetup Series.

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