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The defunct FIVB Volleyball World Grand Prix

The FIVB Volleyball World Grand Prix was a tournament played between 1993 and 2017. It no longer exists but there's still great volleyball to bet on.

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The FIVB Volleyball World Grand Prix was a tournament of this kind played between 1993 and 2017. The idea of this championship was to establish an instance where the best national squads from all over the world could play on an annual basis. While this competition is no longer played, it is still possible to visit 1xBet to wager on other fantastic volleyball tournaments.

Promoting female volleyball

During its existence the FIVB Volleyball World Grand Prix was not considered as a top competition. There were other tournaments that held a higher status such as the World Championship or the thrilling World Cup. Yet, this competition was established with a different purpose. Rather than attempting to be a top tournament, it was seen as a more commercial endeavor whose main purpose was to popularize the sport. At this moment you can visit 1xBet - place a wager on the most important volleyball tournaments from all over the world.

The tournament greatly fulfilled its role. Thanks to the competition, female volleyball started to be followed by a much bigger audience than before its creation. Those new fans came from many places around the world, however, Asia was the continent where the greatest number of new followers came. You can place a wager now by visiting 1xBet on multiple volleyball tournaments being played in many countries around the world.

Multiple winners across 25 editions

25 editions of the highly entertaining FIVB Volleyball World Grand Prix took place between 1993 and 2017. Because of the huge popularity of the tournament in Asia, 21 of those editions were organized in this part of the world. Go now to 1xBet: best volleyball betting site where the most important competitions are featured with all their matches.

By far the most winning nation was Brazil, with 12 titles obtained by the South American team in total. They also obtained five silver medals and two bronze medals, which showed how greatly this team performed overall. Other countries that won at least one gold medal in this tournament were:

●      the United States;

●      Russia;

●      Cuba;

●      China;

●      and the Netherlands.

Between 2004 and 2017 the titles were roughly alternating between Brazilians and Americans. This also coincided with the era when these two nations became the two biggest powerhouses of female volleyball. The absolute best volleyball betting site is 1xBet, and punters can visit it in order to make wagers on those squads at any moment.

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